Jeremy Renner snow plow accident puts him in ‘critical but stable’ condition – Lifotravel


Actor Jeremy Renner is in “critical but stable” condition after a “weather-related” accident early Sunday as he was plowing snow, a representative for the star said.

Renner, 51, is surrounded by his family and “is receiving excellent care,” a spokesperson said in an email without specifying where the incident took place.

Renner has hailed his cabin in Lake Tahoe as an escape from his intense Hollywood lifestyle. There has been heavy snowfall at the mountain retreat in recent weeks as deadly storms swept the United States.

On social media, many expressed well wishes for the two-time Oscar nominee, who starred in “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town,” along with Marvel’s Avengers franchise, in which he played Clint Barton — also known as Hawkeye.

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