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Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage
Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage

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Here are 30 guides for a marriage to be successful in a lifetime.  “Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 1.

Guide 1

Do not focus on your spouse’s weaknesses: everyone has a defect, it’s only God that has no-fault, and so if you focus on your spouse’s faults, you might end up not getting the best out of his /her strength. “Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

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Guide 2.

Guide 2

Stop digging on your spouse’s past life:  everyone has a dark history, stop digging out the experience your spouse had in the past, focus on the present and the new leaf your spouse has turned into. Sometimes you may end up getting wrong information that can ruin your marriage.


Guide 3.

Guide 3

Fight for your marriage:  every marriage has its challenges, sit up and make up your mind to stay with your spouse no matter the hardship. Remember your promise “for better or worse”, always try your best to build up your marriage to the level that can suit both of you; because no marriage is perfect.


Guide 4.

Guide 4

Don’t compare your marriage with anyone else’s. No marriage is perfect, be patience, reliable and hard working. Marriage is not a bed of roses, you must encounter ups and downs, but what counts is the manner you control it. Remove your eyes from another woman’s home and concentrate on upgrading yours.


Guide 5.

Guide 5

Do not be careless about your marriage:  a lot of women are out there waiting for you to drop your home so that they can enter, be very careful on how to handle your home, carelessness in the kitchen, bedroom, manner of speaking and so many of them. Always be conscious of your marriage.

“Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 6.

Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage

Negligence: don’t neglect your spouse’s feeling, you as a man or as a woman, always entertain your spouse’s feelings and needs at all time, in order not to look outside.


Guide 7.

Guide 7

Do not expect too much from your partner: you as a man or as a woman, try not to expect too much from your partner because it kills a relationship. Sometimes what you may be expecting from your partner might not come as you expected. Some marriages collapse due to expectations. Examples “I expected you to do it or I expected to be like that”, all that is capable of scattering a relationship.


Guide 8.

Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage

Always give room for adjustment: There is nothing permanent in this world, change is still there to play its part. In marriage, your husband may not as rich as you met him or your wife may not be as beautiful as you met her, never you misbehave because of that. Always know that something like that may occur. Use wisdom to tackle every problem you encounter, do not seek advice from friends because some friends may not be happy with your marriage. Avoid so many friends and go through every information given to you by friends. Filter them and select the ones that will suit you and your partner, for a better relationship.


Guide 9.

Guide 9

Never accept third party influence: Do not be influence by any of your friends, family or relatives. Be yourself and fight for the betterment of your relationship. Don’t emulate others, instead, let others follow you. Maintain a good character and join hands together with your partner to build your home.


Guide 10.

Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage

Forgiveness: this is one of the key guides of a lasting relationship, it is said that ‘to ere is human but to forgive is Devine. Always forgive one another so that your anger will not exceed sunset. Do not wait for your partner to crawl before you forgive him or her. Have the spirit of forgiveness. If you understand that your partner is your better half, then the relationship will continue to be lively.

“Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 11.

Guide 11

Don’t be stubborn: Do not let your anger rule your mind, do not be stubborn to accept your mistakes and act immediately. Stubbornness can lead to destruction. Free your heart, admit your mistakes and be willing to apologize. Don’t be stubborn to say “am sorry”. Minimize your ego, especially when you are with your partner.


Guide 12.

Guide 12

Stinginess:  As a man or a woman, do not be stingy to help your partner. Both in the bedroom satisfy your partner to his/her satisfaction. It’s his right, likewise hers. Give her gifts as before, take her out sometimes, make her feel that you are still gallant. Treat him like a man, pet him, change his everyday meal, add little of your money to do something in your home, let it not come only from his pocket, even though that you will eventually collect it back in one way or the other.


Guide 13.

Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage

Respectful: sometimes some women find it difficult to respect their hubby, especially when the money is no more, even you as a man also forget that women also need to be respected, respect is not just “good morning”, compliance involves so many things like; controlling your anger before your partner, using eye contact to correct him/her especially amid others, give her room to speak his/her own opinion in terms of decision making, and others. Respect plays a vital role in a relationship.


Guide 14.

Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage

Laziness: fight against the spirit of inactivity in your home, do not allow a maid to do everything for you, do not all your servant to do everything for you. A man should know the limit of things his servant will do to the wife, like, the level of a message the servant should deliver and the one he will do himself. The woman should know the level of the message the maid should do in the family, especially that ones that concern her hubby—examples; preparations of food and arrangements of the matrimonial room.


Guide 15.

Guide 15

Super meals: spoil your partner with a nice meal that he can hardly taste another woman’s meal. Do not focus on one particular dish, change dishes, no matter how small. Let his stomach be your priority at all time. Never let your house help handle your kitchen. Do not be a career woman, especially when it comes to his food. Good food goes with pleasant smiles and cute kisses. Remember “his stomach should always be your priority”.

“Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 16.

Guide 16

Dressing code: some wives were so ignorant of the things they put on, take time to select clothes meant for church services, occasion, and outings. Don’t make mistakes of wearing the ones intended to church at home. Seduce your husband with the clothes you wear, Christianity is not by the things you wear for your husband but by the character you possess. Always look attractive to him, make him feel horny by your dressing so that he will always find a reason to be with you. You, as a husband, always try to look attractive to your wife so that she won’t find a reason to admire another man.


Guide 17.

Guide 17

Fitness: be cautious of your body, always try to keep fit. Do some little exercise to burn fats. Don’t be blinded by the fancy food and junk food, eat balance diet at its given time. Maintain your stature and bet me your husband will always treat you as sweet 16. Keeping fit will help you keep your marriage younger every day.


Guide 18.

Guide 18

Communication: this is also a vital factor of an ultimate guide of a good relationship. Communication connects two souls, and it solves so many problems, it gives hope, it shows that there is affection between the partner. Do not wait for your wife or husband to come back before you can communicate, try calling him/her just to check on her, text her sexy text, let him know how much you miss her presence. Try to communicate before going to bed, to understand the things that are bordering him/her so that two of you can tackle them.


Guide 19.

Guide 19

Control of Anger: Anger is a small madness because when angry, what you will spoil will be higher than what caused your anger. That is the reason you must work on that, try to control your anger even though it can be hard. There is no how you will think straight when you are angry. Your partner is your companion, so don’t let your anger control you. Sometimes your partner may hurt you extremely hard but always find a formal to solve every dispute so that another person will not come in. If you can control your anger, I bet you, your problems will be resolved between you two, and no third party shall come in.


Guide 20.

Guide 20

Be contented with what you have: everyone is not credited to be equal, even our hands are not identical. So do not expect “A” when you have “B”: it will only make you a nagging woman or man. Mr A can never be Mr B, but you can work on Mr B to the best of all B. Be Happy with what you have, and even those with Mr A will always envy you and wish to have that your Mr B, so be wise not to lose your marriage because of not being contented.

“Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 21.

Guide 21

Encouragement: both partners must encourage themselves. You as a man, you should learn how to encourage your woman on everything you know that is right, show her that she has your support, give her motivational words that can improve her zeal so that the goal set shall be achieved. Also, you, as a woman, don’t be a kind that shows less concern to what your partner is passing through, encourage him to move. If possible move with him, give him a motivational spirit, with the power of a woman that God has fixed in you. Make use of it and achieve your goal in your marriage so that your husband will always be proud of you at all time.


Guide 22.

Guide 22

Love your partner’s family:  immediately you accept him/her, always have in mind that you have also recognised his/her family, Love them as if they were yours. Treat them as you will treat yours. Let everyone feel at peace whenever they were with you. Give them a reason to fight for you at any cost. Your family is your only companion; every other person has come for a reason, maybe because of what they are benefiting from you, if not they won’t be there. But your family will stick to you, whether good or bad. So try to build up your relationship with your spouse’s family.


Guide 23.

Guide 23

Run his/her vision:  sometimes, some men or women may have a lot of insight but unable to run it, maybe because he/she is afraid of losing. Stand firm and run the vision with your spouse. Make it work; remember two heads are better than one. When two agreed, difficulties run away. Your spouse might be the kind of person that always create a vision but to put it in practice may be difficult, help to implement the plans so that you two can make it work. Nothing in this world is meant for only women or only men, and it depends on the capacity of the individual. Work it out yourself.


Guide 24.

Guide 24

Be a good listener: in a relationship, communication is one of the key aspects, but for a connection to be effective, you must be a good listener. Give ear to your spouse’s feelings, know her problems, and listen to him even when you think he’s not making sense. Show him/her that you are there for each other. Hear him out, listen to his stories from there, you shall find something that you will use to advise him. Don’t be deaf to his/her problems, share her feelings and solve the problem together so that your relationship will give a definite meaning. Do not be too busy to pay attention to his/her needs, even though you did not have, at least your concern can go a long way in those problems. Some problems are half solved when shared.


Guide 25.

Guide 25

Appreciation:  appreciate your spouse in everything, do not be too selfish to say thank you, do not be proud to say am sorry dear, even when you’re right. Appreciate her kindness, her support, and her duties. It is true that you as a man, you hustle for Money, but she utilizes the money very well. So appreciate her, do not say after all is my money. NO. Learn how to say thank you, my love. As a woman, any little he gave you, appreciate him, the way you appreciate him will encourage him to give more, and with that, he will work harder to provide your needs.

“Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 26.

Guide 26

Always express your love for each other: Do not be fed up with those words. Renew your Love styles, shower your spouse with lots of love, tell him/her how much you love and wish to stay together forever. Cuddle her, do not be too busy to make love to her at any opportunities. Express your feelings towards him. Carry her to the bedroom, bathroom, and parlour. Make her feel you every moment. Give him a surprise visit at his underwear, be the first to kiss him, tell him how much you love him. Do not be tired of seducing him. Give him full of you. With that two of you shall always dance in the ocean of love and nobody can be able to separate you.


Guide 27.

Guide 27

Say no to Nagging: never you welcome nagging into your home, no matter what. Don’t be a nagging husband or a nagging wife. Speak low, speak calmly, and speak lovely. Don’t pick an offence to every little thing. Ignore some specific situations, try to do it yourself if you can’t handle it. Control your manner of approach towards your partner. Nagging is one of the things that scatter a relationship. It makes one be fed up of his/her marriage, and it gives room for misunderstanding and divorce. Do not be a nagging wife or husband. Learn how to overlook some specific things for peace to rain.


Guide 28.

Guide 28

Do not take your partner for granted:


Guide 29.

Guide 29

Allow her to give you advice.

“Ultimate Guide OF A Successful Marriage”

Guide 30.

Guide 30

Never you cheat.


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NB: Guide 30 is the ultimate.

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