Lacking The Motivation To Work Out? New Study Says Your Gut Health Could Be To Blame – Lifotravel


While we’ve long known that gut bacteria can influence mood via the gut-brain axis, this study is newsworthy because it draws a direct connection between specific types of bacteria and the desire to exercise.

Out of all the factors tested, the composition of the mice’s gut bacteria was the most influential when it came to exercise. In fact, the data showed that it was an even bigger factor in exercise motivation than genetics. When the researchers gave the mice broad-spectrum antibiotics to get rid of those specific gut bacteria, they found the mice’s running performance dropped by about 50 percent. 

Keep in mind that this was an animal study, so we’re not positive that the learnings would apply to humans. But as study senior author Christoph Thaiss, Ph.D. explained in a news release: “If we can confirm the presence of a similar pathway in humans, it could offer an effective way to boost people’s levels of exercise to improve public health generally.”

The researchers think taking probiotics with these specific bacteria could be a cheap, safe, and effective way to not only motivate the average person to exercise but also optimize the performance of elite athletes. 

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