Wait—Is Topical Lip Filler A Real Thing? Here’s What The Pros Say – Lifotravel


Now, the significant caveat: These lip treatments aren’t a one-and-done type of product (nor is anything at-home friendly, really). That being said, the glorious plumping effect will stick around if you regularly use these treatments. 

“Most topical lip plumpers give hydration, which can claim plumper lips after using. The more hydrated the lips are, the better, and collagen will help to keep the skin on lips looking less deflated looking,” medical esthetician and founder of JTAV Clinical Skin Care Joie Tavernise explains.

So if you’re working toward generally hydrated, healthy lips, you may start to see those plumping effects stick around. “Healthy skin is more resilient to damage from external factors, and therefore able to repair itself more readily and protect itself over time,” Marcus adds. “In this way, hyaluronic acid can have lasting effects on the appearance of the skin.”

Think of it like a supercharged skin care product: Sure, the results aren’t permanent after just one use, but you can achieve lasting results if you stay dedicated to the cause. And if you’ve tried countless plumping products without noticeable results, let this be your final shot—you can see the shocking before and after photos on the Ourself product page here for even more proof. What’s more, some products contain naturally-derived lip color enhancers, meaning your lips will appear fuller and more pigmented, sans makeup. 

It’s worth noting that these products can be pretty pricey—not as much as the cost of most injections, but it’s still important to keep that in mind.

All of this to say: If you’ve been considering lip fillers for some time but you’re not sure if you want to go through with it, you may want to start with an at-home plumping product. Especially when paired with a juicy gloss, you might be surprised at just how powerful these supercharged formulas can be. Who knows? Maybe your thirsty lips just needed some proper hydration. 

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