Calling All January Babies: Here’s What To Know About Your Birthstone, From Crystal Experts – Lifotravel

Garnet has a variety of meanings, making it a powerful crystal to add to your arsenal, whether you were born in January or not. It’s associated with things like grounding, as well as passion, and has a close connection to the root chakra, which is all about our sense of security, safety, and groundedness.

As Yulia Van Doren, crystal expect and founder of Goldirocks, previously told us, “It’s very important to have the grounding of a ‘safe space’ in order to be able to bravely explore unknown ideas and unchartered passions.” This makes it a good stone to travel with, she adds.

And according to Askinosie, “passion is like a muscle that you need to keep struggling to keep strong,” and garnet can help you ignite that passion. “So, the crystal recipe for passion is to be present and to be present and enthusiastic. Garnet helps you to get to the bottom of what’s keeping you from feeling passionate,” she explains, adding, “It helps to remind you that passion is not external, it comes from within. It helps you to shift your attitude.”

Garnet can also be useful for helping you keep your boundaries firmly established and respected, while also helping to remove your inhibitions and blockages, Van Doren says, so that you feel safe and supported exploring your soul’s true desires. 

In terms of working with this stone, Askinosie says a good affirmation to use alongside this stone is, “I am passionate.” Here’s another one of her favorite ways to harness the passionate energy of garnet:

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