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List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

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Sanatan Dharma (or Hindu Dharma) is more than just a religion. It’s a way to live. This faith is popular for Hindu baby boy names. Names taken from the Hindu Dharma come from Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages on the planet. Names with meanings are listed here, as it is essential to know the meaning of a name before choosing one for your baby. This post will give you a wide range of Hindu baby boy name options that are sure to please.

List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

Popular Hindu Boy Names, With Unique Meanings

1. Aadavan:

Your son will be brightened by the name Aadavan which means “sun”.

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2. Aahan:

Aahan is a popular Hindu baby boy name of 2018. It stands for ‘dawn and morning glory’.

3. Aakav:

Aakav, a simple name that simply means “form or shape”, is what you will find.

4. Aakesh:

Aakesh would be a trendy alternative to Akash. It is the ‘lord over the sky’.

5. Aakil:

Aakil, which means “intelligent” or “smart”, is a title for a future genius.

6. Aanan:

Aanan is a catchy word that means “appearance”.

7. Aanav:

Aanav is the opposite of Daanav and it means ‘humane.

8. Aarush:

Aarush, a name popular with Hindus, means “bright shining sun” or “bright”.

9. Aayu:

Aayu is a name that means “life span” and would be a great choice for parents looking to add vowels to their child’s name.

10. Abhik:

Abhik is a lovely name that means “beloved” and “fearless”.

11. Achintya:

Acintya means “unthinkable” and is unique.

12. Adbhuta:

This Sanskrit name of origin has many positive connotations, such as “extraordinary”, “remarkable”, “fantastic”, and “miraculous”.

13. Adhija:

Adhija is an Indian term that means “superior by Birth”.

14. Adri:

Adri, which is a Greek word meaning “rock, stone, mountain”, will make your child a brave and strong man.

15. Adith:

Adith means “from the sun or beginning”

16. Advit:

Advit is a unique Hindu baby name that also means “unique”.

17. Adyant:

This versatile name derives its roots in Sanskrit. Advent means “beginning of the End”.

18. Aekansh:

Another modern Hindu baby boy’s name is ‘unique’.

19. Agraga:

You can help your child develop leadership qualities by giving him the name Agraga.

20. Ahan:

Ahan, which is taken from the natural world, literally means “dawn”.

21. Ahil:

Ahil Khan, Salman Khan’s nephew, made this name very popular.

List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

Did you know that?

The 12th day following birth is the date of the Hindu naming ceremony. This ceremony is held in Kerala, an Indian state.

22. Ainesh:

This name’s etymology is very appealing to us. It means “sun’s glory”.

23. Aksaja:

Aksaja, one of Lord Vishnu’s names, is Aksaja. It is a term that means “thunderbolt” or “diamond”.

24. Amand:

Parents who desire an agile, active baby can call their child Amand. It means “active or brilliant”.

25. Amas:

This name is simply too cute. Amas can be translated as’soft’ or ‘tender’.

26. Amava:

Amava, meaning “strong or impetuous”, is flashy and hip. It also fits in well with the ever-popular trend for an ‘a” ending name.

27. Amay:

Amay is one name of Lord Ganesha.

28. Ambaka:

Ambaka is a Sanskrit word that means ‘an eye’, ‘having three’.

29. Ambhoja:

This name, which has an interesting ring to it means “water born”, is quite intriguing. You could name your Aquarian babies after this name.

30. Anay:

The Marathis love this Sanskrit moniker which means “without any superior”.

31. Anish:

Anish is a kickass nickname that means supreme paramount’.

32. Anuh:

Anuh, one of India’s least-used names, is Anuh. It can be translated as ‘calm’ or ‘content’.

33. Anvay:

Anvay derives its name from the Sanskrit word “anvaya”, which means “joined or integrated”.

34. Apurva:

Apurva is an adjective that refers to ‘novelty or unmatched’.

35. Aradhy:

Aradhy is a traditional Hindu name meaning “to be worshipped”.

36. Archis:

Archis is a hot name that means “ray of light” and is very popular.

37. Aribam:

Aribam is a Hindu name that means ‘leader’.

38. Arihan:

Give your son a bold and strong name, such as Arihan. This means ‘destroyer’.

39. Arin:

Arin, which is a form of ‘discussion’ in Hindi, is ready to dominate the charts in a few more years.

40. Arit:

Arit, which translates to ‘praised’ in Hebrew, will bring a dash of coolness into your child’s personality.

41. Arochan:

The name, which means “bright, radiant or shining”, makes us want the sunshine and to get outside.

42. Arpit:

Arpit, a beautiful baby name with lots of appeals, means ‘to dedicate/give in’.

43. Arth:

An intellectual name, Arth means ‘meaning’.

44. Ashmayu:

This moniker can be paired with a cool nickname like Ash. Ashmayu can be translated as ‘rays of light’.

45. Aswad:

This old, but seldom heard name means “relishing food”.

46. Atharv:

Atharv is a Vedic term that means “wise or learned” and was used to name a Vedic book.

47. Atishay:

Atishay is a name that can be used every day and means “wonderful, exceptional”.

48. Avyakta:

This Lord Krishna’s title denotes the one that sees the whole world.

49. Bhadrak:

Purana refers to Bhadrak as the name of the king in Anga. It is a name that means “handsome, brave, and/or good”.

50. Bhavatu:

Bhavatu is essentially a Sanskrit word that means ‘amen’ or ‘ok’.

Did you know that?

Many Hindu names are inspired and inspired by the elements of nature, such as air, earth, water fire, and sky. Hindus worship nature.

51. Bodhi:

This Sanskrit name has been growing in popularity all around the world, not just in India. It can be translated as ‘awakening’ or ‘enlightenment’.

52. Chaayan:

Chaayan can technically be translated to ‘picking up or collecting’ but it also refers to the moon.

53. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (a great Vaishnavite Saint) gave this name which means ‘energy and vitality’.

54. Chaitya:

Chaitya, which translates to ‘perceivable’ in Hindi, will be a major player this year.

55. Chakshan:

We love the sound of this name. Chakshan means ‘good looking’.

56. Charun:

Charun is a good alternative to the common name Varun. It means “one who has beautiful eyes”.

57. Chinmay:

Chinmay is Lord Ganesha’s nickname and it means “consisting of pure thoughts”.

58. Chitayu:

Chitayu, a name that denotes intelligent people, means “born from the intellect”.

59. Chitin:

Chitin, which is an acronym for ‘intelligent,’ is fresh and just rolls off your tongue.                                                                                                                                        List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

60. Chitvan:

Chitvan is a term that means “look or glance” and would make a great illuming choice.

61. Daivey:

Daivey perfectly embodies the affection you feel for your baby. It stands for ‘dearly beloved’.

62. Daiwik:

Daiwik is the perfect choice for parents looking for a spiritual title. It stands for ‘God’s grace’.

63. Deekshant:

Deekshant, which means “gift of God”, is a beautiful baby name.

64. Deepit:

Deepit, which translates to ‘passionately illuminated, inflamed or excited’, emits a positive, energetic vibe.

65. Devaj:

This preppy name goes well with popular names like Devin or Dheeraj. It means “born of the gods”.

66. Devak:

This lovely name, which means ‘divine glory, pious’, is indeed a wonderful choice.

67. Devin:

Devin is a divine baby name, which means “resembling God” or “poet”.

68. Devyan:

Devyan, literally an out-of-this-world name, means serving gods’.

69. Dhanvin:

Dhanvin, Lord Shiva’s name, is too precious to be described.

70. Dhavak:

Dhavak, a powerful name that means “forerunner”, is an imposing and fierce one.

71. Dhavit:

The name ‘purified’ will guarantee a boy with this name a pure, clean spirit. It means “purified”.

72. Dhir:

Dhir is a name that means patience. Teach your child persistence.

73. Dhira:

Dhira means “brave” and is either fearless or fierce.

74. Dhrishnu:

Dhrishnu means “son Of Manu” if you prefer traditional Hindu names.

75. Dhrsita:

This Hindu boy’s name is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘dhRSita’ which means ‘brave and bold’.

76. Dhven:

Dhven is a unique and powerful Hindu name meaning “godly” that is powerful and majestic.

77. Divij:

This Sanskrit name translates to sky born’ or ‘divine’.

78. Divit:

Divit, which is Latin for “immortal”, brings to mind a cheerful, go-lucky boy who is always up to a joke.

79. Doshagya:

Doshagya derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘doSajJa, which means ‘he who is aware of evil and avoids it.

80. Dravina:

This name is a synonym for ‘power and wealth’ or strength.

81. Edhas:

You can bring joy to your child’s life by giving him the name Edhas. It means “happiness”

82. Ehan:

Ehan, which means “expected”, could help parents establish expectations for their children.

83. Ehit:

A boy named Ehit is likely to be jovial. Ehit means ‘ever-smiling’.

84. Elil:

Elil is another lovely name. It means “handsome”.

85. Erish:

Erish, which translates to ‘to cherish,’ will teach your child that it is important to be grateful for all things.

86. Galav:

Galav is a unique botanical name that means “bark of lotus trees”.

87. Gaman:

Gaman is a traditional name meaning “undergoing, attaining”.

88. Gana:

Lord Shiva deserves your respect for naming your son Gana. This means ‘tribe/group’.

89. Ganak:

Ganak’s unusual appeal makes parents fall in love. It can be translated as “mathematician” or “one who calculates”.

90. Gaoushik:

Gaoushik is one of the lesser-known names of Lord Buddha.

91. Hariaksh:

Hariaksh is the unique name of Lord Shiva.

92. Harij:

Harij is a mindful title that means “horizon”.

93. Harin:

Harin, which translates to ‘pure’ in Japanese, is slowly making its entrance into the mainstream.

94. Harishva:

Nobody can guess that this modern name is centuries old. Harish, is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

95. Harman:

This moniker, which is popular among Punjabis, means “lord’s hearts” and is extremely popular.

96. Harshill:

Harsh’s unique alternative would be Harthill. It can be translated as ‘joyful’.

97. Harshu:

This cute baby name means “deer”.

98. Harsith:

Harsith is a charming word that means “joy, happiness”

99. Harith:

Parents searching for colour-inspired names can choose Harith, which translates to ‘green colour’.

100. Hemil:

Hemil, which means ‘gold’, is a name that has a gorgeous ring.

101. Hiresh:

Hiresh, which means “king of gems”, is a rare Hindu boy’s name.                                                                                                                                                                         List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

102. Hriday:

Vintage lovers should look out for Hriday, which means “heart” in English.

103. Hridhaan:

This moniker derives its name from the Sanskrit element hard (or dhaan) which means “one with a great soul”.

104. Harshit:

This bright name would make a wonderful name for your son.

105. Hrutesh:

This name, which translates to ‘lords of springs,’ would go well with current trends in seasonal names.

106. Ibhan:

Ibhan is Lord Ganesha’s practical and timeless name.

107. Idhayan:

Idhayan, a charming name, has a distinctive tone. It stands for ‘joy of the heart’.

108. Ihit:

Ihit is a fun and lighthearted name that means “prize or honour”.

109. Ijay:

The mythology of Hinduism has roots in the name Ijay. It means “Lord Vishnu”.

110. Ikshan:

Ikshan is a Sanskrit word that means “sight” or “superintendence”.

111. Illesh:

Illesh is a name with a different feel. It means “lord the earth”.

112. Iravaj:

Iravaj, which means “born of water”, is perfect for a Scorpion, or Cancerian child.

113. Irish:

No, we are not referring to people from Ireland. Irish is a legit Hindu name that means “lord of the Earth”.

114. Ish:

This cannot be any shorter. Lord Vishnu calls it Ish.

115. Ishin:

You should think about Ishin, which translates to ‘commanding’ if you’re looking for a bold, inspiring name for your baby.

116. Ishir:

This cool name was once another name for Agni, fire. It can be translated as ‘powerful’ or refreshing.

117. Ishivatva:

Ishivatva is one of those names that make you stop and rethink your perceptions. It can be translated as “superior” or “supreme”.

118. Jogesha:

Jogesha, which is a variant of Yogesh means ‘The Lord Of Yoga’.

119. Joshit:

Joshit, which translates to ‘pleased and delighted’ is a cute name with tons of power.

120. Kaanishk:

Kaanishk was Lord Vishnu’s vehicle.

121. Kahan:

Kahan is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

122. Kalagya:

Kalagya can be used to refer to an ‘astrologer’ or a skilled artist.

123. Kalin:

Your child will be on the right track to success when he is named Kalin. Kalin means ‘flourishing’ or ‘developing quickly and successfully’.

124. Kalita:

Kalita is an ancient Sanskrit phrase that means “made or made”.

125. Kama:

Kama, which is the Hindu god of love and the name of Lakshmi, is Lakshmi’s son.

126. Kamada:

Kamada is the name of Skanda’s follower in the Mahabharata. It can be translated as “giving what you wish”.

127. Kamin:

Kamin is an acronym that means “impassioned, desirous” and it’s too adorable not to take advantage of.

128. Kanan:

The Indian YouTube sensation has made this moniker increasingly popular. Kanan means ‘forest’.

129. Kanav:

Kanav means “an old and wise sage” and is a pleasant-sounding name.

130. Kanha:

This name is associated with divinity because it is Lord Krishna’s. It is a ‘dark’ or ‘black’ name.

131. Kanj:

Kanj is Lord Brahma’s name.

132. Karali:

Karali is one of the seven tongues that the God of Fire has given to us.

133. Kavan:

Kavan is very cute, short and edgy. It stands for ‘water’.

134. Kavindu:

Kavindu is one of the names of Valmiki. It means “the moon of poets”.

135. Kavish:

This Hindu boy’s name refers specifically to the ‘lord among poets’.

136. Khalin:

Here’s a name you won’t hear every day from a Hindu. Khalin can be translated as “one who has threshing floors”.

137. Kiaan:

This friendly name refers to “ancient or king”.

138. Kishen:

Kishen, the modern form for Krishna, is Kishen. It is a term that means “black or darker”.

139. Ksaita:

Ksaita is a trendy name many would love.

140. Kshana:

Kshana, Lord Ganesha’s name is because of his speed and ingenuity.

141. Kunal:

Kunal, which translates to “one with the beautiful eye” is a charming name for a boy.

142. Lusha:

Lusha, which translates to saffron, was Nisada & Chanaki’s first name.

143. Madhuj:

Madhuj is a name that evokes nature and can be used by parents who are looking for a natural name.

144. Mahin:

Mahin is playful but has a deep meaning. It means “earth”.

145. Mahir:

The child who is named Mahir will be a genius. Mahir means ‘expert’.

146. Mahit:

Mahit, an alternative spelling to Mohit, is the term for ‘esteemed and honoured.

147. Manayu:

This Hindu name is full of magical power. It can be translated as “desirous, devoted”.

148. Mayank:

Mayank is a celestial name that parents can choose if they are looking for a child with the meaning of moon.

149. Mayin:

Rig Veda states that Mayin is the creator of the universe. This name means “one who is skilled in enchantment”.

150. Mayur:

Mayur means “peacock”.

151. Milan:

Milan is an elegant and dreamy name, which means “union”.

152. Nadin:

Nadin is a flowing title that means “lord of rivers”.

153. Naksh:

This sweet and simple name refers to either ‘features or moon.

154. Naman:

Naman, in this Hindu mythology, represents the good fundamental nature.

155. Navneet:

The Sanskrit term Navneet refers to “one who is never new”.

156. Nayat:

Nayat, a name ending in ‘at’ would suit anyone who loves it. It can be translated as ‘leading, guiding’.

157. Neer:

Neer is another name that’s perfect for water sign babies. It means ‘water’.

158. Nimay:

Parents have loved baby names ending in ‘ay’ for generations. Nimay can be translated as ‘change barter or exchange’.

159. Niraj:

This baby name is sure to make waves for your child. It means “born in water” or “illuminated”.

160. Nrpati:

Nrpati refers to all classes and strengths. It is also known as “lord of men”, “king, or prince”.

161. Ojasvat:

Ojasvat is the hottest word right now. It can be translated as strong or energetic.

162. Omkar:

Another option is to name with religious sentiments. Omkar comes from Om, a sacred Hinduism word.

163. Onain:

Onain, a classic masculine name, has a rare meaning. It can be translated as ‘vision’.

164. Onir:

You can give your child a bright, shining future by naming it Onir. This means “shining”.

165. Panna:

Panna is a Hindi title which means “emerald” or “having qualities like an emerald”.

166. Parthiv:

Parthiv, which means ‘royal,’ is the right name for your little prince.

167. Posha:

Parents want their children to be able to see growth and prosperity in all they do.

168. Poshit:

Poshit, you say? It can also be translated as ‘nourished.                                                                                                                                                                                  List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

169. Prajeshvara:

Prajeshvara means “lord of all the creatures” and it has a mysterious touch.

170. Pranay:

Pranay means “affection, love” and is extremely beloved.

171. Pratik:

A perfect name for artsy parents, Pratik means ‘symbol or image’.

172. Pravir:

This name will stand out among the crowd because of its rhythmic nature. Pravir means ‘brave’.

173. Prayan:

Prayan means ‘progress or commencement’.

174. Punit:

Punit is a charming name with an old-fashioned aura. It can be translated as ‘cleaned’ or ‘purified’.

175. Purav:

Name your son Purav, which translates to ‘east direction’.

176. Purnit:

Purnit, a name that means ‘complete’ is pretty cool.

177. Rahasya:

Rahasya means “mystery” and is for people who enjoy adventure and mystery.

178. Rakshan:

Rakshan, which means ‘protector’ or preservation, is the 928th Lord Vishnu’s name.


Sri Lankans love Hindu names. Ranatunga was the former cricket captain of Sri Lanka. He is also ‘Arjuna.’ This character appears in the epic Mahabharata.

179. Raktim:

Raktim means “vibrant or red” and is a powerful name.

180. Rasajja:

Rasajja, which means “one who understands the rasas”, is a unique Hindu name.

181. Rathik:

Rathik, which translates to ‘rider-of-a chariot, or loved one’ is certain that it will capture the hearts and minds of all who hear it.

182. Ravishu:

Ravishu, a name full of life and airiness, is Ravishu. It can be translated as “god of love”.

183. Rbhu:

Rbhu, the name of Brahma’s son, is mentioned in The Vishnu Purana. He was a brilliant scholar.

184. Ridhaan:

Ridhaan means searcher and is a heartfelt baby name.

185. Rijul:

This is the meaning of this striking name: “Innocent and Honest”.

186. Rodas:

Rodas, which means “heaven and Earth”, is a beautiful name GenX parents would love.

187. Rohak:

Rohak, meaning “climber and kind of spirit”, is a baby name that will never go obsolete.

188. Rohil:

This name, which translates to ‘grown, rising,’ is certain that it will be setting new trends.

189. Romik:

Romik can be used by those who are looking for an earthy name. It means “magnet or saline earth” or “the salt extracted from it”.

190. Romir:

Romir is an ancient name, but it has a modern twist. It can be translated as “interesting” or “pleasing”.

191. Ronit:

Ronit is a lovely Hindu name which means “a song of prosperity”.

192. Ruchir:

This name, which means ‘charming and beautiful’, is full of charisma.

193. Sahil:

Sahil is a name that means “beach” or “shore”. It has an appealing charm that makes it very appealing.

194. Saket:

Saket is the name given to ancient Ayodhya. It means “a place close to heaven”.

195. Sankalp:

Sankalp has an aura that can’t be denied. It stands for ‘determination’.

196. Saphal:

Saphal is a powerful, stately name which means successful and productive.

197. Sarin:

Parents who like the ending ‘in’ can circle on Sarin for a more ‘helpful’ name.

198. Sarva:

Sarva’s association with Rudra is what gave rise to the name. It is a term that means “all or anything”.

199. Sarvagya:

Sarvagya, a stately name rich in panache, means ‘all-knowing.

200. Sayaka:

Sayaka, which translates to sword and arrow’ is an illuminating title that shines above the rest.

201. Sayujya:

Sayujya means “intimate merger or union with the divine” in Sanskrit.

202. Shaarad:

Shaarad, which is the name of a white lotus, is easy to pronounce.

203. Sharva:

Sharva is the ninth manifestation of Rudra.

204. Shivansh:

Shivansh (meaning ‘incarnation Lord Shiva’) is on the rise.

205. Shlok:

This Sanskrit term denotes a rhymed, metered phrase or poetic verse. It can even be translated to’song’.

206. Shoumik:

Shoumik is a Bengali word that means “powerful” and is a favourite.

207. Shravas:

Shravas is an elegant name for your baby girl.

208. Shresht:

Shresht means “best, king and superior” in Hinduism. It will make your son stand out.

209. Shriyukt:

Shriyukt means “fortunate” or “famous”.

210. Shrut:

Shrut is one among the many names of Lord Shiva. It can be translated as ‘known’ or ‘glory’.

211. Shrutadhi:

Shrutadhi, which means “respectable knowledge”, is a Sanskrit term.

212. Shrutarshi:

Shrutarshi is a person who is distinguished by their knowledge. It is a person who is knowledgeable.

213. Shrutasena:

Shrutasena, which means “famous army”, is a name that makes us want bows and to go into battle.

214. Shrutin:

Shrutin, which means “one who has heard”, is a synonym for class.

215. Shrutva:

Shrutva, a name that is unique in every aspect, means “the one being heard”.

216. Shwetan:

Shwetan is an ancient name but it is seldom used today. It is a form of ‘dawn.

217. Siddh:

Another beautiful name from the traditional category. Siddh is a Persian word that means “fact or proven”.

218. Skanda:

This three-syllable, elaborate name is the 327th of Lord Vishnu‘s names, as listed in Vishnu Sahasranama.

219. Sudyut:

Sudyut is a name that means shining beautifully’ and is something you should consider for your child.

220. Sujal:

Sujal is a Persian word that means “affectionate”, something every parent hopes their child will have.

221. Sukul:

This cue word could be used to create a unique name that your son will have.

222. Suresh:

Suresh is unique and traditional and will increase your child’s morale. It is the ‘ruler-of-Gods’.

223. Sushok:

This name will ensure your child a bright future. Sushok means ‘shining or beautiful’.

224. Svojas:

Svojas is Lord Ganesha’s name. It is a Greek word that means “strong or powerful”.

225. Tala:

It means “slapping hands together or against one’s arm, melody or dance”. This is Lord Shiva’s 358th name.

226. Tarakshya:

Tarakshya, also known as Lord Shiva’s name, is another. It can be translated as “gold, bird or horse, or snake”.

227. Taral:

Taral, a soft and gentle name that means ‘liquid’, is the meaning of Taral

228. Taras:

Taras is a name that means ‘energetic’ or strength and is ideal for tough young men.

229. Tatpara:

Tatpara, which means ‘deeply engaged’, is one name of Lord Ganesha, because He loves meditation.

230. Tavisa:

This Sanskrit name means “strong, energetic” and continues to rise in popularity.

231. Tavish:

Tavish is a word that means ‘courageous and strong’. It packs a big punch.

232. Tavya:

Tavya, which means strong,’ has a rockstar-like appeal.

233. Tejasvat:

This Sanskrit name is a prestigious one. It means “bright, glorious, energy”.

234. Ujesh:

This rare name is unheard of. Ujesh means ‘conquering’.

235. Urjit:

Urjit, which means ‘energised or powerful’, will provide your son with a daily dose of energy.

236. Varenya:

Names ending with ‘ya” have a soft, amazing ring. Take Varenya, for instance, which is ‘best, exceptional, wish for’.

237. Vasud:

Vasud, Lord Vishnu’s 269th name, is also known as Kubera. It is a term that means “granting wealth”.

238. Vaydhish:

Vaydhish was once a popular term for the ‘lord of Vedas’, and is now all set to return.

239. Vedhas:

Vedhas is a term that means “worshipper of Gods” or “wise and learned man”. Harishchandra, Harishchandra’s father is a popular bearer.

240. Viaan:

Like its meaning, Viaan means ‘full life and energy’.

241. Vidyot:

Vidyot is the name of Dharma’s son and Sthanayitnu’s father in the Purana. It is a ‘flash of lightning’.

242. Vijna:

Vijna is a unique twist that every mom will love. It is a German word that means “wise or intelligent”.

243. Viksya:

Viksya is another unique Hindu baby boy name. It means “actor, wonderful dancer or amazing”.

244. Viraaj:

Viraaj is a name that means ‘brilliant and shining’.

245. Viswaroopin:

Viswaroopin is a name that evokes the 80s and would suit you well.

246. Vrnda:

Vrnda is Lord Krishna’s name and means ‘powerful or skilled’.

247. Vyan:

This name is derived from the Sanskrit word “vyAna”, which means breath or life-giving.

248. Yajvan:

Yajvan is a unique Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘calm or peaceful’.

249. Yuvan:

The boisterous baby name translates to strong, healthy.

250. Yuvraj:

Yuvraj, which means ‘prince,’ is used most often for the Rajput family’s eldest son.

Names are an integral part of a child’s religious and cultural identity. It is a part of their identity, a link to their roots and often reflects their personality. Parents face a difficult task in choosing the right name for their children. Below is a list of some of the most popular Hindu baby names for boys. The names Advit, Bodhi and Chitin are some of the most unique names on this list. They are short, sweet and modern. Your partner and you can choose the name that you love best and your child will also love it!

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