5 Golden Rules That Will Help Empaths Thrive In Relationships (Without Losing Themselves) – Lifotravel


Empaths need what I call regular “retreat and recover” time. That’s because as someone who is more sensitive to emotional, energetic, and at times even physical stimuli like noise, you’ll need to rely on a rhythm of being in low-stimulation environments, like quietly putting together a puzzle with your partner, or reading before bed, or strolling the neighborhood with your dog.

Retreat and recover time doesn’t have to happen alone, but most of the thousands of empaths whom I’ve done intuitive readings for truly cherish their alone time. Make this retreat and recover time a predictable pattern so you don’t become chronically overstimulated. The amount of retreat and time you require will vary based on things like where you fall on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, your baseline tolerance for stimulation, and how much stimulation you’ve been dealing with lately.

Let others know that retreat and recover time is healthy and that your sensitive system craves it. Make sure you communicate that your need for solo or quiet time has no bearing on how much you value and enjoy spending time with the folks in your life.

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