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A HuffPost Slack channel recently lit up over the topic of Legos. Writers, editors and operations associates agreed: Adult Legos are a thing, and they’re really frickin’ cool.

These aren’t the pirate ships or Disney playhouse sets of your childhood. They’re mini typewriters, 90s-era sitcom sets and even model versions of high-maintenance plants. Some of these sets are so good they may even convert non-Lego people.

“I have never cared about Legos — not as a five-year-old and certainly not now, in my 40s — but when I spotted this Lego orchid in the window of my neighborhood toy shop, I was strangely drawn to it,” said Noah Michelson, editorial director for HuffPost Personal. “Every time we passed the store over the past three months, I made my boyfriend stop to look at the orchid again.”

Michelson, who received the orchid set as a Christmas gift, is excited about the building process and the final product.

“We’ve set aside an upcoming Sunday afternoon to put it together while watching a B-list horror movie, and I’ve already picked out the perfect spot for it on a sunny windowsill in my living room,” he said. “Legos — they build relationships too!”

If you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, a fun item to go on your desk or just an activity to help pass the winter hours, we think you’ll be as obsessed with these adult-approved Lego sets as we are.

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An orchid you couldn’t kill if you wanted to

Here, in all its glory, its Michelson’s orchid of Legos. “There’s something about how simultaneously modern and organic it is that kept calling to me — a siren song made of plastic petals that sang, ‘Noah, you need me!'” he said. With blossoms, leaves and even wandering air roots, this set is made to look like a real orchid.


A Lego New York City minute

The city that never sleeps is now in Lego form. Featuring the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty, this set measures nine inches long and 10 inches high.


A restful bonsai tree

The perfect desk accessory or bookshelf display, this Lego bonsai tree comes with both leaves and blossoms for all seasons.


A Lego London that’s bloody brilliant

Hop across the pond with this mini Lego model of London. Measuring 11 inches long, it displays the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, National Gallery and Nelson’s Column.


Say “ciao bella!” with this zippy Vespa 125

Feel the wind in your hair and pretend you’re on a winding Italian street with this with this mini Lego Vespa. It comes with a 1960s Italian license plate, spare wheel, helmet, basket and mini flower bouquet.


An everlasting bouquet

Alexandra Niforos, operations associate at HuffPost, can’t recommend this gorgeous floral bouquet enough. “My sister and I got these for Christmas a couple years ago, and not only were they so fun to assemble, but my parents now have a beautiful bouquet displayed in their house that requires no maintenance whatsoever!” she said. This set includes 15 stems.


A succulent set that literally never needs water

Desert lovers will drool over this adorable Lego succulent. You can display the nine plants alone or lock them together and create your own arrangement.


A pair of red roses

For something simple (and pretty budget-friendly) try a pair of roses that will last forever. Perfect for your Valentine, galentine or keeping on your desk.


A mini Fender Stratocaster and amp

Music lovers will adore this mini Fender Stratocaster that comes with cables and an amp. It measures 14 inches high and has a little stand so you can display it on your desk or bookshelf.


A mini “Seinfeld” set — not that there’s anything wrong with that

With a mini Jerry, George, Cosmo, Elaine and Newman, you’ll never want to put this mini “Seinfeld” set down. It features Jerry’s apartment with set lights as well as a detachable standup stage from the comedy club. “My cousin got this for Christmas and we couldn’t believe how detailed it was, all the way down to the marble rye and the framed image of George on a chaise in his underwear,” said Janie Campbell, a senior editor at HuffPost Life.


A totally retro model Atari

Bring it back to 1985 with this model Lego Atari set. It has a front panel that mimics the console along with functioning switches, so you can build it and then pretend to play.


A globe that spins and lights up

Paige Lavender, a senior managing editor at HuffPost, has been eyeing this Lego globe for her home. “We’re doing a travel theme for our kid’s nursery and thinking about getting the globe set,” she said. “It’s a little pricey but I’m justifying it by thinking it’s an activity for my husband and decor.”


A model 1950s keyboard

Give your office a little retro boost with this 1950s model keyboard. While it doesn’t actually type with ink, you can press down on the keys and roll a real sheet of paper into it.


A mini Dunder Mifflin from “The Office”

You don’t have to be a Dwight to love this 1,164-piece salute to “The Office.” You’ll find 15 Lego minis of all your favorite characters as well as Michael’s office and the conference room.


A floral image kit reminiscent of cross stitch

Legos get a remix with this mosaic-style kit that gives you small colorful pellets to create a beautiful image to display on your wall. A kit includes one frame and 2,870 pellets.

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An Adidas Originals Superstar sneaker

Kick up your heels with this Adidas Originals Superstar model Lego sneaker. It comes with a real shoe lace and stand for perfect finishing touches.


A très belle Eiffel Tower

At just under five feet, this breathtaking Lego Eiffel Tower will transport you to Paris. It includes arches, supports, cross bracing and railings and comes together in the same way as the original construction.

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A “Friends” set that’ll be there for you

[Chandler Bing voice]: Could this “Friends” Lego set be any more fun? You’ll find Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Chandler and Joey’s apartment and mini figures of all six friends.


A Lego Titanic that will go on

Measuring 4.5 feet long, this model Titanic will eye an eye-catching addition to any room. It has a grand staircase, boiler room and smoking lounge as well as a promenade deck and swimming pool.

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