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Before diving into DIY scalp remedies, let’s chat about dry scalp 101. The typical characteristics of a dry scalp can include flaking, itching, tightness, etc. 

“Dry scalp can be caused by a few different things,” board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, M.D., FAAD tells mbg. More often than not, a dry scalp is caused by minor triggers. What’s more, you can be simply prone to it, just as you may naturally have dry skin

These minor triggers are often related to products used on the scalp, or how often you wash. “A dry scalp can develop in one of two ways—either from build-up or from harsh ingredients causing flaking,” certified trichologist and professional stylist Shab Caspara tells mbg.

“When the flaking is from a dry scalp with no sebum or product build-up, it is most likely the result of harsh cleansing agents in your shampoo or even excessively hot water in the shower,” she explains. 

On the flip side, “When the flaking is from an oily scalp, you may not be effectively shampooing your hair, but if that’s not the case, even stress can cause overproduction of sebum and make your scalp act out,” she concludes. 

There are also two more serious causes of dry scalp, including: 

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