​​An Eyeliner Hack That Naturally Elongates Every Eye Shape – Lifotravel

Here’s the gist: Instead of flicking your liner upwards, you draw the line straight out from the outer corner (or even downwards) for more of a downturned effect. 

All my knowledgeable beauty buffs out there are probably thinking: Uh, isn’t this the same thing as the popular “puppy liner” K-beauty trend? To which I say: You’re absolutely right! “Sleepy eyeliner” often has a bigger wing (which gives it a slightly more sultry appeal), but both looks have the same general goal: to appear oh-so adorably drowsy. Leave it to TikTok to recirculate a tried-and-true trick, slap a different moniker on it, and call it brand new. (But I digress.) 

Whether you call it “puppy liner”, “sleepy liner,” or something else entirely, here’s how to nail the alluring effect. 

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