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What Are The Most Common Problems In A Marriage?
What Are The Most Common Problems In A Marriage?

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Marriage is said to be an agreement between a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife for the rest of their lives. Along the line, some issues may come in and will try to break those agreements, which is very bad. There are many problems in a marriage, but there are the most common problems in a marriage. “What are the most common problems in a marriage?”


The most common problems in a marriage are:-


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  • Lack of trust
  • Steady argument
  • Nagging
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction
  • Keeping late nights
  • Over alcohol intake
  • Stinginess
  • Extra marital affairs
  • Nonchalant attitude
  • Lack of respect.


What causes marriage problems?


  1. Lack of trust.

Trust is one of the things that cause marriage problems in many marriages. A marriage is supposed to be building in trust no matter what. Trust in a marriage contributions to the lasting of that marriage. A lot of people in your life may not happy for the way you lived happily with your partner, so there will always have something bad to say about your spouse, which will make you question his\her character. Some are created, just to scatter your homes, only if you permit them to. You may not be able to notice it and by listening to everything they have to say about your spouse, you have automatically given them permission to scatter tour home, doing that will always put you in the position of suspecting your spouse in everything. The trust you have for them will diminished


Steady Argument.

Sometimes, try to swallow some certain things, even when it is hard to, always arguing about one thing or the other kills your marriage. It will make your spouse to be tired of you and she/he will always find it hard to speak where there is need to it. Let one person accept th wrong so that the other can win. Do not be the type that argues in all thing, everything in this world has a limit, likewise in marriage.



Nagging scares away some men or women in their marriage. Each time they remember that it’s time to go home, their mood will change and they will automatically feel unhappy due to their partner will always nag at them. Do not nag at your wife nor nag at your husband. Control yourself, a marriage that is built with nagging every time will automatically fell one day.

“What are the most common problems in a marriage?”

Lack of sexual satisfaction.

This is the biggest issue that is capable of leading into cheating. So not be too stingy to satisfy your wife or your husband on bed. Do not make him beg for it and do not make her beg for it. It’s a marriage gift, give it to her or him anytime it pleases. If there is reason not to do it, try to explain to him/her in the language that suits. Not just “am not in the mood please “. Don’t leave your spouse hunger for long due to sex. You both should share a complete satisfaction at a length for it strengthens your marriage more.


Keeping late nights.

Do not be the type that always like going out in the night, leaving your spouse alone at home. Don’t use your job as an excuse to go out and come back late. Go out at the appropriate time and come back at appropriate hour too, unless there is need to be late, but never have you made it a routine process.


Over alcohol intake.

Nobody likes a drunkard as a wife or as a husband. Drink but don’t drink too much. Take the quantity you can carry and respect t yourself.



Do not be too stingy to provide for your spouse especially when the money is there. Free your heart as well as your hands to aid your spouse. Don’t be stingy in everything; your advice is always needed in your family likewise your time. So don’t be stingy.

“What are the most common problems in a marriage?”

Extra marital affair.

Stay connected with your spouse, do not cheat, and don’t engage yourself in extramarital affair with other opposite sex. It kills marriage fast, because it will surely divide your attention.


Nonchalant attitude.

Pay attention to the needs of your spouse; do not live a life of an outsider in your own home. I don’t care life will only scatter your marriage, because there will be a time your spouse will be fed up of the whole thing and join you in that, you will see that the marriage will automatically collapsed.


Lack of respect.

A lot of marriages fall due to lack of respect. The husband will forget that he should give his wife some respect, and the wife will also forget that she should give the husband some respect too. Everyone will be after riches, pride will be ruling in the family. Respect is very important in a marriage because it gives everyone in that marriage faith that he/she is important in the family.


You can see now that all these listed here are the most common problems in marriages and the things that caused them. Take time to understand it after reading them, so as to know the cause as well as the problems. If you have anything to add concerning it, feel free to add.


“What are the most common problems in a marriage?”

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