Are Senescent Cells A Key To Healthy Aging? What We Know So Far – Lifotravel


You might read this and think: Time to get rid of all my senescent cells! But unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Like most cells, senescent cells play multiple roles in the body. The molecules expressed by senescent cells are involved in embryonic development, wound healing, and childbirth too. 

This makes them a complicated and ambiguous area of research—and this study is just scratching the surface. It doesn’t tell us exactly how to leverage senescent cells for a longer, healthier life while still taking advantage of their benefits. That said, it does give us the clear message that therapies that remove senescent cells—an area of medical research called senotherapeutics—is absolutely worth paying attention to.

In the future, these therapies might just hold the key to healthspan and longevity. Researchers are hopeful that the more we learn about senescent cells, the better we can become at identifying individuals at higher risk for age-related disease, too.

In the meantime, we can still focus on the healthy aging tools that have plenty of science backing them up. There is a long list, but some of the more doable ones include: 

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