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Does Unwanted 72 or IPill delay Your Periods?

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If your menstrual cycle is delayed for longer than three weeks following the use of contraceptive pills for emergency use, such as Unwanted 72 or Ipill, you should have an at-home pregnancy test.

If you are using an emergency contraceptive pill, such as Unwanted 72, or Ipill Your next menstrual cycle or period might be delayed or even delayed. This is a common consequence of taking a prescription for an emergency contraceptive. But for the majority of women, the menstrual cycle should typically start in the middle of their usual time. If your menstrual cycle is delayed for longer than 3 weeks following taking the Ipill it is recommended to check for the pregnancy by yourself to make sure that you’re not expecting.

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Let’s get more details regarding these pills.

Emergency contraceptive medications (ECP) like Unwanted 72 as well as Ipill are readily available on the counter. They are secure only when you take them in a controlled manner. It is important to note that if you use the morning-after pills to treat your morning sickness regardless of the reason the pills could negatively impact your body. Here are some important facts to think about before taking these pills.

  1. ECPs serve to help prevent pregnancy and not stop it. The morning-after pill. They aid in preventing the fertilization of the egg and the implanting of the egg in the uterus. It is not an abortion method. They will only aid in helping to stop pregnancy within 72 hours but do not cause termination.
  2. ECPs aren’t a common method for birth control.
    The morning after taking pills or ECPs are only used when needed. It is always recommended to make use of condoms. If your condoms fall off during sexual activity or you are out of your usual method for contraception ECPs can be a good option. But don’t make the practice a routine one. is associated with the possibility of having side consequences.
  3. ECPs should be administered within 72 hours of non-protected sexual activity.
    For your ECP to be effective and prevent pregnancy, it is essential to take the drug within the first 72 hours after having no protection during sexual contact. The term “morning after pill is an oxymoron. The possibility of up to 120 hours remains high. But, we advise you to take your medication immediately following unintentional sexual contact. The earlier you take action, the better.                                                                                                                                                    Does Unwanted 72 or IPill delay Your Periods?
  4. They don’t safeguard you from STIs.
    As mentioned previously morning-after pills can only assist in preventing unplanned pregnancies. They do not safeguard your body against STDs and HIV. If you’ve been exposed to risky sexual encounters, you may develop an STI. Therefore, get tested.
  5. ECPs do not work for women who are already pregnant.
    If you’re pregnant and you decide to take the pill to end the process or to avoid the pregnancy then you’re not fully informed. But, having an ECP during pregnancy isn’t harmful to the foetus.
  6. ECPs may cause adverse effects on women who are affected.
    Common side effects on the first day after pills include headaches, nausea, vomiting fatigue, breast tenderness, fatigue as well as abdominal cramps and pain. Regular use of ECPs can affect your menstrual cycle.
  7. ECPs are available for download
    The morning-after pills, also known as ECPs can be purchased over the counter at a regular pharmacy. You can buy it without a prescription.
  8. The morning-after pill isn’t 100% efficient
    You must undergo the test for pregnancy if you don’t get your period within three weeks of using the medication to make sure that there isn’t a pregnancy. The pills aren’t always secure and you might become pregnant even after using these pills.
  9. ECPs could be ineffective when obese women are present.
    Studies have proven that the efficacy of these medications is diminished for overweight women and the rate of success is less. This claim is being investigated and there is a chance that a higher dose could work.
  10. ECPs are a possibility to be utilized by lactating mothers.
    If you’ve got a baby and are concerned about the use of ECP for your baby, be aware that they don’t alter the quality of the breast milk or cause any harm to the baby.

In the end, using ECPs is an emergency option but it is important to consult with your doctor to make sure there’s no indication of a pregnancy that is not wanted which could lead to complications later on.


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