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Here Are The 8 Hottest Nail Colors Of Summer

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I do not know about you however, I’ve been waiting patiently for the warm temperatures and tank tops and the opportunity to wear bright nail shades. The simple pleasure of a vibrant mani does more than compliment my summer outfit and makes me feel more confident, it also boosts my mood. What else could a girl need?

In the summer, lighter neutral hues are put getting pushed back to more vibrant, lighter hues of all colours that are available. Green, pink, red and blue, you’ll have difficulty in decisions. To help you get inspired we’ve put together the colours we’re constantly thinking about.

French Tips French Tips

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1. French Tips

If you’re not a fan of bright colours but don’t fret: the traditional French style isn’t going out of fashion. It’s a good thing that this summer we’re seeing it with classic White (perfect wedding dresses! ) However, we are also a fan of a bright edge. It’s summery without having to make a huge commitment.

Rainbow Nails Rainbow Nails

2. Rainbow Nails

If you’re ready to have a blast and go all out, put all your most loved colours on your nails in one go! The rainbow-coloured skittles are ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with many different colours in one go before you commit.

Hot Pink Nails Hot Pink Nails

3. Hot Pink Nails

The ultimate summer hue, bright pink is a shade that you will never regret. You can choose to go all Barbie pink or even more Fuchsia.

Neon Orange Nails Neon Orange Nails

4. Neon Orange Nails

There are a lot of oranges including in beauty, fashion and manicures. We’re in love with this bright colour for summer, particularly with a bit of glam for our complexions after a long day in the water.

Red Nails Red Nails

5. Red Nails

Red is a timeless classic colour, but during the summer months, we like those that are a bit brighter and more vibrant. The cherry red hue appears professional and attractive and doesn’t feel like it’s too glam. It’s a great choice if you’re seeking a playful shade but isn’t looking to venture too far out of your comfort zone.

Pistachio Nails Pistachio Nails

6. Pistachio Nails

Salute to the hue of summer! Pistachio is a hot trend at the present and you can get trendy by putting it on your nails. After all the jewel tones and emeralds of winter and autumn, This is a refreshing approach to the green.

Lime Nails Lime Nails

7. Lime Nails

Don’t fret: Green is also getting the neon treatment. The lime hue is so vibrant and enjoyable that you’ll be sunny even when there’s an afternoon rainstorm outside.

Turquoise Nails Turquoise Nails

8. Turquoise Nails

Turquoise is making a comeback. If you’re one of the early users of this trend the nail colour is very cool and unique.


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