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How To Wear Condoms? (Both Men And Female)

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Condoms are extremely thin, tube-like cover that is worn under the male penis in sexual activity (in the case of condoms for males) or placed inside the female vagina before sexual having sex (for condoms for females). We’ll explore more about them.

How To Wear Condoms? (Both Men And Female)

Condoms can be used all the time you like. Couples may utilize male condoms before sexual activity to avoid pregnancy for many years, while others utilize condoms as a second method of protection when they are using another birth control. Condoms can be used for years or every day. They are ideal to safeguard against pregnant women and STDs/STIs at any time with no side negative effects.

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There are numerous kinds of condoms. Are you in need of advice on how to wear condoms for males or females? Are you looking for the best condoms that will be perfect? Check out the following article:

How do you wear male condoms?

  1. Take care to tear the packaging open beginning from the serrated edge. The condom will not break because it is flexible. However, be gentle and avoid using your teeth or any other sharp objects, like scissors. Avoid using a condom if your package is damaged or old.

Verify which way the condom rolls. If it’s in the wrong direction round, it won’t go onto the penis. If you happen to start applying the condom on the wrong side and you are not sure, just throw it away and get a new one.

  1. The condom should be placed on the top of the penis erect
  2. Roll the condom until it reaches the point of the penis. Find out more information regarding condoms with safety guidelines and how to remove them.
  3. Make sure to use a new condom for every sexual encounter.

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Use condoms properly – Advice for condoms for guys

Make it happen with your mouth

Place the condom into your mouth, and gently suck on the condom’s tips (teat) in between your teeth, then place the condom in the middle of your penis into your mouth. Then, take the penis and place it in your mouth and gently take the condom and roll it down. You can try licking the condom completely down.

If you’d like to get some additional practice before doing this to him, you can try practising on a cucumber or do. This is a great technique to use when he states the wearing of condoms is awkward or even putting them on is uncomfortable.

Get him all green

Imagine opening the condom package as a “green signal” to have sex. The act of taking a condom out and then confidently ripping the packet open is a flirty way to signal to your partner that you’re prepared for sexual activity.

Do this for your partner particularly if he isn’t keen on the idea of having condoms. Add a little water-based lubricant inner side of the condom to ensure that it is easy to put it on but not too much otherwise the condom may fall off.

Tease him

Then slowly slide a condom onto him and gently massage your penis, testicles, or anus. To make it more interesting ask him to wear a condom and demonstrate to you how you like to be kissed. Make sure he knows that it turns you on.

Utilize condoms with thin sizing for skin-to-skin feeling

Thin condoms aren’t as likely to rupture as heavier or regular condoms if you’re experiencing a sexual affair, even when you’re experiencing an intimate sexual encounter. If you want to feel closer consider using thinner condoms next time. This is an excellent option if both you and your partner wish to feel more intimate during sexual intimacy.

Sexy is messy

If you enjoy dirty sex and you love watching your partner’s appearance, ask him to take a break before he begins to ejaculate. He could take off the condom and then swoop over your breasts, chest or even your back.

Female Condom

What is the best way to insert female condoms?

Condoms for females aren’t only for women. In Zimbabwe men also are known as tekenyenza to describe the wonderful twitch that he gets when their penis rubs the inside of the condom for females.

After inserting the condom with lubrication, some Indian women reported having their first gasps!

  1. Make sure to squeeze the inner rings (the small ones) and let the sides meet. 2. Inject the inner ring to the extent it can allow. Keep the larger ring to the outside. 3. Your partner’s penis should be guided into the outer circle.
  2. After you’ve completed the process you’re done, twist the condom three times before pulling it out.

Condoms and condoms: Female condom tips

“Tease me, tease me, till I lose control” Find your partner to insert the condom inside your vagina. After that, use his penis or fingers to gently massage the outer ring of your clitoris or your labia.

“Look but don’t touch” Alternately, you can put the condom in while watching your partner. Let your partner know that he is free to look, at you, but don’t touch!

“Bump and grind” A lot of women enjoy it when their lover hits the inside of their female condom. Check it out and find out if it is something you enjoy as well… It seems that it’s pretty sexually attractive for men and so in Ghana, the men purchase condoms for women to fetishize with!

“You’re making me so hot” In contrast to male condoms they are female-specific and constructed from polyurethane which is less brittle than latex. While you’re having a sexual encounter, you feel the heat of your partner’s body.

“It only makes that noise when you’re doing it right” Female condoms may make an unsettling sound during sex, which may put some off. However, it’s possible to explain to your partner that it’s only sexy when he’s doing things right!

Failure Female condoms have a higher rate of failure:

The failure rate is higher than male condoms both in regular use (21 per cent) and in perfect use (5 5 per cent).


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