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Oral Sex: Do Men Or Women Enjoy It More?

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Just how satisfying is it to receive oral sexual relations? Recent research has revealed the gender differences between males and females.

Think back to that time when you were able to get sexually active together with your lover. Was there oral sex? If you were to rate how effective it was whether you were receiving, giving or both What would you rate?

The collection of Canadian researchers was interested in knowing more about the subject. They were particularly curious to find out if men and women could give different responses.

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They found nearly 90 heterosexual students willing to share their ordeals, with the majority of those in their early twenties. Students were asked to reflect on the last time they experienced sexual relations and then to say if they’d had or received oral sexual sex. If they did been involved, it was asked to rate the satisfaction that they had experienced on a score from 1 to 4. The students also shared with researchers whether there was a stable relationship and if this was a relationship that was just a fling.

More than two out of three students have been sexually assaulted the last time they had sex with their partner, surveys indicated. It’s not surprising that the majority of those who were the recipients were able to give the experience four on the scale of pleasure. This was the case for both males as well as women.Oral Sex: Do Men Or Women Enjoy It More? Oral Sex: Do Men Or Women Enjoy It More?

Who’s more down?

However, when it came to how students liked sexing with their partners there was a huge difference between girls and guys. For just over half of males, oral sex was also rated the requisite four points out of 4 for the most enjoyable pleasure. However, less than one in three women thought that the act of giving blowjobs was enjoyable.

Both males’ and females’ oral sex was much more enjoyable when in an intimate relationship instead of having an uninvolved partner. What did make blow-ups more fun for women was when their partner was a bit rough on the same level. However, the guys were enthralled by giving heads regardless of whether they were able to get the reward or not. It was a refreshing change from the cliché of self-centred guys hoping to receive and not wanting to donate.

If guys are so fond of sexual sex with oral sex so often, are they being sexier than women? Well… no. Women do more than the majority of their dental work it appears. Over twice the number of women as men had given but never received when the last time they’d experienced oral sexual sex. But it was usual for both partners to exchange and receive.

All of this raises several important questions, as researchers have outlined. If the majority of women enjoy having sex in the bathroom and many males find putting a ring on their partners to be so fun what’s the reason why don’t more males give head? If women don’t like blowjobs, why do they bother anyway?


In a study that drew on other studies, The researchers have come up with several theories. One of them is related to social norms which persist regarding sexual relations. Younger adults tend to consider women to be in a passive position and are a part of the group that performs oral sex. Men are thought of as the dominant gender, research has revealed.

Women tend to give more than receive could be due to how they feel comfortable on the receiving side. The study has shown that when in comparison to men, certain women find it difficult to sit back and relax.

Women may have more emotional motives for blowing up blowjobs, things such as feeling close to a loved one or showing their feelings of love, whereas males are usually motivated by physical factors.

If you’re wondering why certain guys feel that giving a head is the most enjoyable experience possible, social expectations could be involved. Males may view their role as one of a “sexual performer’ and see their job as to ensure that their partner sexually erupts. Sexual intimacy increases the odds for this to happen as research has proven, and could be a pleasure for men for the same reason. Naturally, the fact that they’re in a position to make their partner feel good is likely to be a major attraction for a lot of males.


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