So You’re A Capricorn Rising — Here’s How To Thrive, According To Experts – Lifotravel

If you’re looking for a lovey-dovey romantic type, it’s probably not a Capricorn rising. However, if you want someone who’s going to build something with you, tend to real and practical matters, and offer a ton of paternal energy, a Cap rising might be just what you’re looking for.

According to Renstrom, Capricorn risings (and all the earth signs, for that matter) are very physical. Namely, the bedroom could be the one place they can really “let go,” as it were. He also notes that Capricorn is the archetypal father in astrology, so Capricorn risings may exhibit more masculine, fatherly qualities in their relationships, regardless of their sex or gender.

And in terms of dating someone with this placement, know that they’re pretty slow to open up. For one thing, they are not concerned with wasting their own time—but they also tend to work on the assumption that everyone’s going to waste their time anyway. That said, if they are interested in you, you’ll definitely know.

These people want to be in a power couple, so things like financial stability, career goals, and long-term plans are also very important to them. If you don’t measure up to those expectations, they’re likely not going to be interested, Renstrom says. “They want a partner they can look up to and respect—their work ethic is a virtue. They don’t want someone who’s silly; they want someone they can talk about their work or goals with,” he explains.

In terms of astrological compatibility, check out our guide to relationship astrology (aka synastry) for a full explanation of how that all works. But generally speaking, Capricorn risings will likely get along well with people who have prominent earth sign placements and/or Cancer placements.

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