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Perimenopause can begin as early as age 35, but for most women, it starts between 40 and 44. It is the several-years-long phase leading up to your menopause (which is technically the day exactly 12 months after your last period; after that, you are in post-menopause). Your ovaries don’t just stop production from one day to the next. Instead, you transition slowly from one phase of your life to the other.

You can experience many different side effects during this menopausal period. Most of us know about the mood swings and sleep disturbances, but you may also face1 digestive issues, joint pain, dry and itchy skin, random weight gain, loss of insulin sensitivity, very low energy, hot flashes, night sweats…and more. We are also all at a greater risk for metabolic health challenges2, cardiovascular disease3, as well as bone health issues4 after menopause. This all sounds quite daunting, doesn’t it?

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