What It Really Means To Have A Libra Moon + How It Impacts Relationships, Career & More – Lifotravel


How a libra moon manifest in someone as a whole will greatly depend on the rest of their birth chart, but ultimately, Libra moons are diplomatic, charming, and social intellectuals. They love and value their relationships and connecting with others—and yes, they can be quite flirty. (They may not even mean to be, they’re just very friendly, which can get them into trouble with having too many suitors.)

As Roby Antila explains, these are people who are likely to intellectualize their emotions, as well. While they can be emotional, she notes that they’re much more likely to overanalyze their emotions than actually feel them. And they may hesitate to burden anyone with what they’re going through, too.

Being a sign that’s very invested in justice and equality, the biggest thing that upsets a Libra moon is injustice of any kind. Don’t be surprised if they’re activists for social justice or always rooting for the underdog. In terms of making them happy, this Venus-ruled sign loves all things culture, beauty, and art, as well as being in balanced environments where everyone is getting along.

Because Libra moons are so good at seeing all sides of an issue, however, Roby Antila explains that they can be pretty indecisive. “It’s like a double edged sword, because they can see both sides, so there’s a lot of gray area with Libra— they’re not a super black and white personality,” she adds.

They can also become very preoccupied by their relationships (which we’ll touch on more shortly), which Roby Antila says will likely be one of their biggest areas of growth throughout their lives. “The shadow side of this moon is there can be codependency, so it’s like hard for the for these people to be single or alone,” she says.

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