Lea Michele Reveals How She’d React If Barbra Streisand Saw Her In ‘Funny Girl’ – Lifotravel

The “Glee” actor told “The Tonight Show” host that Streisand’s letter to her, which included a “thumbs up,” made her cry.

“Literally it was like a gold envelope, it flew in on doves, it came in through my window of my dressing room,” Michele joked.

“It was so incredible and now… everyone’s like ‘Are you going to frame it?,’ What are you going to do with it?… I actually just put it in my safe at home and the only thing I have in my safe is a letter from Barbra Streisand and the first hair we cut from [my son’s] haircut.”

Michele, who said the letter will stay in the safe, told Fallon that she was able to get a message to the actor through a friend. She added that she wouldn’t be able to take it if Streisand ever attended her “Funny Girl” performance.

“I’d die, I’d black out,” Michele said.

“It’s funny, this is the first show I’ve ever done where I love knowing that people are there… the other night I saw a woman that I thought was her and I felt like my mouth got dry and it was just like I started hearing ringing in my ears.”

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