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The Coolest Types Of Ear Piercings To Check Out

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If the last time you had an ear piercing was during a visit to Claire’s and we’ve got some good news that you should know: cool ear piercings are currently getting a makeover. Naturally, the kind of earrings you decide to receive is a matter of. In the past, you could have just a couple of studs in your earlobes or maybe an ear cartilage hoop to show how stylish you looked. In 2022, there will be a variety of earring designs for every look, with numerous earrings to go with it.

“Social media has made it easier to see what types of ear piercings are possible, and the unique, modern jewellery you can wear with them,” says Sam Hayler, lead piercer at London’s Astrid and Miyu jewellery store and salon. “The fact that you don’t have to start with a plain silver ball helps when getting a piercing to mark a special event or birthday.”

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According to Samantha Alvarado, RN, the director of nursing and education for Rowan Piercing Studio, there was a noticeable uptick in piercings–especially nontraditional ones–during the pandemic. “Because you couldn’t see what was under the mask, piercings became the new lipstick,” she says.

With numerous options, deciding the best place to start can be a daunting task. We spoke with experts in piercing to discuss the coolest trends in piercings to consider in 2022. From snakebites to tragus piercings check out the trending earring styles that are set to become ubiquitous.

1. Snakebites

“We’re getting a lot of requests for snakebites,” says Lisa Bubbers, cofounder of New York piercing studio Studs. “This piercing style is two piercings stacked closely together, either with the same jewellery in each or mismatched earrings.” Studs were the ones to do Kaia Gerber’s snakebites in November, and they’ve been an iconic studio’s top sought-after looks ever since.


2. Snakebites

This piercing is great with studs or hoops, and you can combine and match earrings or just keep them the same depending on the vibe you’re going for. The healing process for this one could be a bit difficult. “The snakebite does require more care and attention since two piercings close together can cause extra swelling,” Bubbers says. Bubbers. “We recommend using saline and not sleeping on that side for a few weeks.”

3. Snakebites

Have you already pierced a single hole? A different option would be to have an additional hole that is slightly smaller than the one you have to double up for studs or small hoops. We like these simple gem hoops from Mejuri–not to forget the colour scheme of sapphire and emerald that stars have been smitten with recently.

4. Tragus

The less-common options such as tragus piercings (that more pronounced cartilage in the middle of your ear where the moon stud is shown) are becoming popular due to their subtlety. “This is one of the more understated piercings,” Hayler says. Hayler. “Since it sits quite close to your face, it isn’t immediately obvious.”

5. Tragus

Like all cartilage piercings, it could take as long as 1 year to fully heal and get settled. Hayler recommends washing it every day twice with saline and not touching it to aid in healing.


6. Tragus

One of the great things about the tragus piercing is that it appears just as stylish with a single or double piercing as it looks when you have a stacking one.


7. Conch

“The conch [the star hoop here] is the inner part of your ear that, most popularly, can have a hoop cuffing the outside,” Hayler says. Hayler and she says it’s among her most sought-after designs. She explains that, while this area is ideal for a hoop, it’s better to have it pierced using an ear stud to avoid discomfort and “piercing bumps,” but it’s possible to swap out for another style in six months.

8. Conch

Japanese Brooks, head piercer at Stone and Strand is thrilled by the fact that conch piercings coming back. “I think they’ve returned to the scene alongside ’90s trends and are a great statement piercing for those who are tired of seeing the same normcore minimalist jewellery everywhere,” she states. Be sure to take your time to allow the healing process to occur as this is cartilage, healing can take as long as a year to heal.

9. Conch

Are you not sure if you’re ready for full-on conch-piercing? Another alternative is to get the gold cuff, like this one on Etsy that looks stylish when paired with other gold hoops.

10. Daith

Daith piercings (the simple silver hoop) have been popular just a few years ago, and they haven’t lost their appeal due to their flexibility. “This is a piercing that can be dressed up or down depending on your jewellery choice,” Hayler says. Hayler.

11. Daith

Contrary to conch piercings location is an ideal spot to start by using a hoop suggests Hayler. “Hoops are preferred for this one, for ease of healing and cleaning,” she states. “It’s important to take your piercer’s advice on the jewellery to make sure it isn’t too heavy for the location chosen”.

12. Daith

A pair of delicate studded earrings (like these beautiful opal ones from Wwake) Daith puncture can appear incredibly minimal.

13. Floating Cartilage

Although cartilage can hurt a bit more and takes a bit longer to heal the flat part of your ear is an ideal canvas for showing tiny earrings. It’s ideal for snakebites or even a tiny trinity of diamonds.


14. Floating Cartilage

According to Brooks, the placement could be Stone as well as Strand’s most well-known non-lobe perforation. It’s a great option if need to make an impact but isn’t fond of the look of jewellery that is maximalist.

15. Floating Cartilage

Mix simple ball studs and different-sized crystals to create a sophisticated style.


16. Stacked Lobe

If you’re scared to venture into cartilage territory, fret not. Instead, you can put a variety of perforations on your lobes. “Sometimes people will ask to just ‘fill up’ their ear in a neat, evenly spaced row, while other times I’ll get asked to do some very personalized cluster piercings,” Brooks says. Brooks credits Zoe Kravitz for creating the style.

17. Stacked Lobe

Although this style is certainly designed specifically for Instagram be aware the things you’ve seen on the internet could not be suitable for you. “People’s ear lobes are very different in shape and size, so what looks good on someone else may not be the best fit for you,” Brooks suggests. Brooks. She suggests talking to your piercer to determine what’s the best for your ears before making the look-around earrings the size you’d wear every day.

18. Stacked Lobe

Another aspect to be aware of? “Ear lobe piercings are generally the easiest to heal, but at the same time we advise caution against getting too many piercings at one go,” Brooks says. Brooks. “Build up your look over time.”


19. Mid-Helix Piercing

If you’re new to piercing but would like to extend beyond a stacked lobed, the mid-helix will be perfect for you. Alvarado recommends this type of ear for those who have space between their middle earlobe and the upper cartilage.

20. Mid-Helix Piercing

The piercings of all Rowan’s have been punctured using straight needles as well as flatback jewellery with threadless threads, which means your mid-helix piercing will remain intact all day.

21. Mid-Helix Piercing

There are certain piercings Alvarado states she wouldn’t recommend for professionals in the field of health care (like that conch-piercing if you’re wearing a face mask for the entire day). Designs like the mid-helix and tragus one give that same illusion, without having to worry about the fuss.


22. Forward Helix Piercing

In contrast to the standard Helix Piercing, the forward helix piercing is situated over the tragus. It is, however, a slim cartilage-rich area but the procedure for being pierced will be similar to the traditional Helix perforation.


23. Forward Helix Piercing

In the wake of the spread of the pandemic forward helix piercings have become one of the most popular currently. “As a result, we have seen more conch, tragus, and forward helix piercings over the past few years,” Alvarado says.

24. Forward Helix Piercing

Like a stacked lobe The options for triple forward helixes are limitless. This Studs combination – with baguette stones in green and surrounded by gold orbs is perfect to wear for everyday ear pieces.


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