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January 16, 2023

Today I am taking a moment to highlight 2022 include some of my favorite outfits, top posts, and top shopped links. In so many ways, 2022 was quite a blur. I really felt like I started to get back into the swing of things – from work to travel to home projects! Keep scrolling for more top ten lists from 2022!


I posted over 275 outfits in 2022 – WHEW! I took a stroll down memory lane this weekend and somehow narrowed it all down to my top ten favorites. There was A LOT to go through, but without further ado…

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 1

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 2

THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 3


Diamonds are a girls best friend right?! I scored this diamond coat on the outnet and it was one of my favorite purchases of 2022. I love how both classic and interesting this look appeared.

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 4

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 5

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 6

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 7


I have been an ASOS fan since I started Atlantic-Pacific way back in 2010. While the site can be overwhelming, they have some really unique gems. This dress was one of my favorite finds this year.

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 8

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 9

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THE TOP TEN FROM 2022 - Lifotravel 10

Because I can’t help myself, there are a couple honorable mentions to check out here, here and here. 🙂


I also wanted to share some of my most popular links this year – as determined by all of you! I get a lot of questions about my makeup routine, so it was no surprise my liquid eyeliner and dry matte lipstick were in the top ten. Footwear was also a big interest, with these loafers I wore all year, this pair of sandals, and my most worn mules all made the list. Sunglasses are always a staple on Atlantic-Pacific and these (they now come in so many good colors) and these affordable shades were your personal favorites. WE introduced Lele Sadoughi X Atlantic-Pacific in April of this year and ended up doing THREE product re-orders to keep up with the demand! The collab was by far one of my most clicked links and there are a few earrings left from the last re-order we did in October here (these are perfect for Valentine’s day). Last but not least, while I showcase a lot of over-the-top fashion, many of you inquired about my favorite basics/everyday wear. My favorite $5 tank and split hem pants (see how to style them here) ended up topping the list this year! If you are looking for more basics inspiration, you can check out posts here and here.

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