The Beauty Routine Pro Esthetician Shamara Bondaroff Is Using As Of Late – Lifotravel


Even when professional esthetician Shamara Bondaroff worked in fashion over a decade ago, she still whipped up skin care products from her home. She was often dealing out advice on common skin troubles, natural ingredients to look for, and even the best products on the market. 

It’s no wonder that Bondaroff naturally got into beauty after she stepped away from the fashion scene. After getting a facial like she always has and realizing her love for the energy of skin care and helping people feel well, she went to school to study skin and esthetics. In this journey, she finally felt aligned with her purpose.

Bondaroff grew up in the wellness world—surrounded by vegan food, naturopathic doctors, and a major focus on health and well-being; not always a norm in Brooklyn, New York. However, it led her to focus on natural skin care, which she emphasizes in her practice today. 

As an esthetician who focuses on creating customized skin care regimens rather than selling affiliate products off the shelf, Bondaroff has quickly created a comfortable space where high-tech beauty meets natural rituals. She’s driven by results, which is why one of the pillars of SB Skin is research-backed tools like microcurrent facials and body treatments. The result? A plethora of lifelong clients.   

Obviously, we wanted to know what Bondaroff has been using as of late, so here’s her routine.

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