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Why Do Married Couples Have Affairs
Why Do Married Couples Have Affairs

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There are several reasons in which married couples have affairs, and we are going to discuss them one by one, to help clear you on this question, so read and understand. “Why Do Married Couples Have Affairs?”


Why Do Married Couples Have Affairs?


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Lack of happiness in their homes.

For instance, some married couples may not find happiness in their various homes maybe due to some certain misunderstanding and some marital issues. But as soon as they move outside, it is possible that they will see someone else who shower them with full happiness, especially that kind of happiness that is lacking in their home. You will see that it will be easier for him or her to start keeping an outside friend who is an opposite sex, from there they might start having an affair. So absence of happiness in one’s home can get him or her having an affair, despite the fact that they are married.


Lack of attention.

Some families are going through this particular problem, and it’s causing problems in many homes. Attention is very much need in a relationship, because in that you can get to understand each other’s likes and dislikes, from there you can be able to detect when your partner is passing through some trials and temptation.

For instance. Your spouse may be facing some temptation from opposite sex outside home, he/she may not know how to tackle the issue, but believed in her that you as her husband, or you as her wife can help her win that battle. You know some men don’t give up easily on women when they like them, but when you two as husband and wife plan on how to win that battle, so that your partner will be free, you will automatically deny her that attention, do not forget that there are some cases that cannot just be bringing up anyhow, there are some that needs to be sorted out, with full attention and  seeing that in you, you will see that your partner will easily bring up the topic and that will help you know what your wife is passing through , and both of you will find a way to tackle that problem.


Lack of care

Some families have developed the habit of not showing care to their partner, maybe because they feel that they are already married and nothing can be able to separate them. Not knowing that the absence of care in a family may bring so many misinterpretations.

For instance. You as a wife may not be able to care for your husband the way it should be, you be think maybe , he is old enough to take care of himself, he may not call it anything, but one-day if he goes out and sees another family who cares for each other even at the old age, he will automatically take it that you don’t know the qualities of a woman, and he may meet someone else that happens to have eye on him, if she showers him with that care, my dear know that you have started losing your husband, especially those men that cannot control their feelings or those that are easily attracted to things.

Again, you as a husband, when you reduce the level of care you give to her, she may feet that maybe you don’t love her any more, she might not say anything to you, but whenever she sees her mates with how their husbands care for them, she will not be happy and she might think that you are not a good husband, and bet me, if another guy means her with a lot of care, note that you have automatically lost her and she will be easily attracted to him, because it’s what she’s looking for. Care for each other no matter what. Money is not always everything.

“Why Do Married Couples Have Affairs?”

No Peace.

When there is no peace in the family, both couple will easily move into the world and start living worldly life, they will cheat , drink , just because they are looking for peace of mind and they know that, they cannot get them in their various homes. A family that has peace always sticks to each other and they think together. Some men cheat because their wife is unable to give them peace of mind. She nags at any little thing, she fights, and she does things that turn the house upside down. Some women also cheat due to there is no peace in the family.



Some women are not ready or willing to give their husbands a satisfactory sex on bed, they will always have an excuse to give, some are even taking their time to do mid night prayers and while their husbands is busy hungering for sex all night. Some men too are not good in satisfying their wife’s sexually needs. Once they are okay, they don’t care about their wife’s feelings anymore, and that will make them going outside and having affairs just to satisfy themselves not that they love affairs.

You as a man, try to know your duties and satisfy your wife’s sexual needs and, as a woman there’s time for everything, time for prayers, time for cooking and time for everything on this earth, once your husband hungers for sex, please try to give it to him, but when you are seriously tired, reason with him, he will understand, pet him, don’t just tell him that you are not in the mood. I believed if you reason with him, he will understand. And you that is a man reading this, do not be a dog, know when your wife needs to rest, if she explains, try to understand so that things will work out between you two.


These are the few reasons why married couples cheats, understand it and try to avoid them. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any.


“Why Do Married Couples Have Affairs?”

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