Exclusive: cocokind Just Launched A New Slugging Balm & It’s The Best Formula That I’ve Tried – Lifotravel


I have combination skin, which means I tend to accrue oil on my chin and around my nose, yet I remain painfully dry everywhere else. My forehead notably appears parched during the chillier months, thanks to the brutal NYC winds and my apartment radiator; I once even mistook my dehydration lines for premature wrinkles. True story! 

I love cocokind’s rich yet non-greasy formulas (their Resurrection Polypeptide Cream is also a winner in my book), so I was super excited to test this recovery balm ahead of launch. Rather than applying as an all-over slugging balm, though, I targeted my roughest areas: my forehead, neck, and décolletage. I also applied some balm on my lips, for good measure (because, yes, lip slugging is a thing you should be doing). 

Come morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin looking supple and hydrated. It felt so soft, in fact, that I kept running my fingers over it in disbelief. The results are really that good. My forehead lines also looked way smoother—practically nonexistent. I kept the balm on my desk with me during the day, too, to rub over my cuticles and replenish my lips. Remember: This is a multipurpose balm that delivers hydration all-over, and my hands could certainly use the extra love. 

Overall, I’d say the term “skin salve” is just right. cocokind’s Ceramide Recovery Balm is a true savior that calms and nourishes your skin without feeling too heavy or greasy. I should note, I’m currently on a trip to the Arizona desert and have made this my go-to moisturizer. And I’m happy to report that I have awoken 100% flake-free. As someone whose skin easily withers up out West, I consider this a true success. 

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