The Only CBD Chew I’ve Tried That Actually Quiets Mental Chatter* – Lifotravel

It didn’t take me a few weeks to start liking these vegan chews; it took one single use. The first time I tried the CBD chew was after a long (and stressful) day of traveling. My head was still spinning and my body felt tired, yet wired—a caffeine hangover, if you will.

I remembered that I had just received a sample of the Prima CBD chews in the mail, so I figured it was the perfect moment to test them out. I wasn’t expecting much, but I figured they would at least help level my mood a little bit. 

After I consumed two of the delicious chews (one serving size), I unpacked my suitcase and tidied up my apartment, which took about 30 minutes in total. When I went to hop in the shower, I noticed something odd. 

My brain was quiet. While I was cleaning my apartment I wasn’t thinking about how much I didn’t want to do it or how badly I wanted to be in my bed for the night. Nor was I dreading the impending Sunday scaries doom. Instead, I just felt at peace.

I quickly realized the 25mg of broad-spectrum hemp in the formula was evoking a sense of calm, and my theory was supported by science; a large case series study published in the Permanente Journal found that taking between 25 to 75 mg of CBD per day can promote mental and physical relaxation1.*

Needless to say, I knew these chews were a game changer. I hadn’t paired them with a meditation, a nice bath, or any other potentially relaxing activity. Instead, I’d taken them during activities that I despised—unpacking and chores—that usually leave me feeling angsty and annoyed.

After I got out of the shower, I hopped right into bed and fell asleep within minutes. I didn’t feel the need to go on my phone, flip my pillow 10 times, or try to count sheep (as if that ever works for me anyway). Instead, I drifted to sleep in peace, with a state of serenity I never predicted feeling after a long day of travel.*

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