Using Joy As A Measure Of Success: Deepak Chopra On The True Meaning Of Yoga – Lifotravel

Everyone is used to dividing life into distinct parts: mind, body, emotions, work, family, relationships, and so on. Those are handy divisions, of course. The experience of going to the doctor, the gym, or yoga class can all be put in the compartment labeled “body.” Raising a child, going on a family vacation, and planning for retirement can all be placed in the compartment labeled “family.”

As natural as it feels to divide life in this way, this kind of compartmentalization creates a problem that cuts to the very heart of existence. Royal Yoga holds that these compartments are false to the wholeness of life.

There are hidden possibilities that you will never reach, an intensity of fulfillment you will never experience when your life is chopped into separate pieces like a loaf of bread cut into neat slices. Imagine yourself going through certain rituals and habits of your day—you get up, eat breakfast, go to work, call friends, do things with your family, and so on.

Take a moment to visualize some specific ways that might make your day more satisfying. Perhaps a friend tells you a piece of good news, you complete a project at work, or you watch your child or spouse smile at you and you feel a rush of love.

If you rewind these experiences and evaluate them through the prism of Yoga, each event might look the same on the surface. But if you practice Royal Yoga, what happens inside is transformed: You find that you are living in the light. The effect is all-embracing because if there is life, there should be light.

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