‘Wait A Minute!’: George Santos’ Ex-Roomie Stuns Anderson Cooper With Wild Claim – Lifotravel

CNN’s Anderson Cooper struggled to contain his surprise at an anecdote from a former roommate of scandal-engulfed Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.).

Gregory Morey-Parker alleged Santos stole a Burberry scarf that was gifted to him by his best friend on the anniversary of his grandfather’s death.

As Morey-Parker talked with Cooper about the alleged theft, the network aired footage of Santos talking at Donald Trump’s “Stop The Steal” rally in Washington in January 2021.

“I understand he was actually wearing something he took from you at a pre-January 6th rally in Washington? Is that the scarf?” Cooper asked Morey-Parker in a video posted online by Mediaite.

“Yes. If you can believe this,” he responded.

“Wait a minute! He’s wearing the scarf?” asked an incredulous Cooper.

“A stolen scarf to a steal-the-election rally,” Morey-Parker replied. “You have to love the irony. And the audacity, quite frankly.”

Morey-Parker made the same claim about the scarf during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, during which he also said he never knew Santos by the name he is now going by in Congress.

Santos has been found to have fabricated multiple claims he made about his background and is under investigation over his campaign finances. He has not commented on the scarf-stealing allegation.

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