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What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?
What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?

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Every family needs to live happy and healthy. There are things that will make a family to break apart and all this are known as the problems we have in marriages today. What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?”

What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?


  1. Trust
  2. Prayers
  3. Good communication
  4. Love
  5. Attention


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Here are the basic traits of a healthy family.



A family that lacks trust is not healthy and can never be healthy. Reason is that, when there is trust there is unity, because if a woman trusts her husband and believe that her husband will never do something wrong without letting her know, you will see that nobody can be able to come between them, and no one can tear them apart. Again if a man trust his wife, no amount of rumor can make him think that his wife committed anything without telling him, and you will also see that the family will hold and nobody can come between them.

For instance; there’s an incident that happened somewhere, a woman was passing through some blackmail from someone she doesn’t know, saying that he caught her and another man in a hotel room where there were making love, and he even have the video, she doubted it because she was sure of herself, but as soon as the guy sent the video to her so that she can confirm it, she was scared because the pix is hers, but the video is fake. She wanted to keep it to herself but later got courage to tell her husband.

Her husband believed in her and the two planned on how to get hold of the guy in order to know the truth. Luckily for them, with the help of the man (the husband), he trapped the guy and he confessed that a friend of the wife, who is not happy about the marriage, set her up by inviting her to a birthday party, she managed to put a sleeping pill in her drink which the woman took and fell asleep, that her friend took pictures of her and manipulated on it.

You, see, that is the hand work of trust. If that the man doesn’t trust his wife, he would have believed the set up of that guy, and destroy his marriage. Trust is indeed one of the traits of a healthy family.

“What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?”


In whatever someone is doing on life, he or she should consult God, the one that made everything possible for everyone. Prayer is the key to every successful family. Just observe your partner and worship your God, and make sure that you maintain it. Everyone in this world knows how to reach his or her creator. Put prayers first in your family and you will see that everything will move perfectly well, the children will even flow in the glory of God.


Good communication.

Effective communication is needed in a family, so that the family will be healthy. Effective communication includes, Good listening skills, Telling, Asking, Observing, Persuading, Timing, Explaining and Understanding.

Communication can be effective in a family when the members of the family have a good listening skills, you give attention to your family, know what they are saying. Listing to what they are telling you, ask them what the problem is, observe their current situation, observe their body language, persuade them to speak their mind, persuade them to do what is right for them.

Timing; know the time they are supposed to come together as one family, if the time is not right, check to know if there is any problem with anyone.

Explaining, explain to them why it’s important to live in peace and love one another, explain to them the things they needed in life. Take time to understand their situation and tender help as a mother or as a father, or as a husband or wife.

Once all this skills is achieved in your family, you will know that an effective communication is in that family, and that is another basic trait of a healthy family.

“What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?”


Love one another no matter what, when there’s love in a family there will be peace. A husband should love his wife and wife should love her husband. Parents should love their children and children should love their parents. Love is life, love is happiness and love is peace. With love you cannot be able to notice the errors in each other, some certain things will be ignored and peace will always be there. A family that is built with love will be very hard to collapse, the amount of love you shower in your family, will determine the level of strength it will have. So take time to show your family that love that they deserve.



This is one of the basic traits of a healthy family. Attention is not all about, spending money or gifting. It is about giving your partner or your family attention no matter the little time you may have. There are common things that people ignore in life, not knowing that those common things are vital to make a family stand strong.

A minute text message, a call, a moment together, even without money. That time you used to appreciate her beauty, be the first person to appreciate your wife before anybody. Tell her that she is very beautiful today, tell her that her new hair style is very nice, and tell her that her shape is the best.

Let her feel happy to appear before you when going out. Shower her with sweet words no matter how long you have been in that marriage, she is always a baby, and will be happy to remain a baby in your eyes. Appreciate your husband, tell him that he is very handsome, romance him before going to work, through out that day, he will always call to know how you are feeling, because that touch you gave him in the morning will always ring in his heart.

No amount of attention is small, so do not give excuses on that. It is through the attention that you give, will help you know when your partner is in trouble or not, because her mood will always tell you.


I believed that you are able to understand the basics traits of a healthy family try these and see how wonderful your family will become, and don’t forget to send your gratitude in the comments box.


“What Are 5 Traits Of A Healthy Family?”

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