Adam Kinzinger Is Stuck Wondering What The Republican Party ‘Believes Anymore’ – Lifotravel

“I still hold the values I hold,” said Kinzinger, who added that hasn’t “totally sold out who I ever was just for power.”

He added: “I don’t know what my party believes anymore. I don’t hear them talking about smaller government, I don’t hear them talking about a strong national defense. I hear some of them supporting Vladimir Putin over the freedom-loving people of Ukraine and it’s not a party I recognize.”

Kinzinger, who described himself as feeling “politically homeless” during the interview, weighed in on his time on the Jan. 6 committee and said he thinks there’s “pretty good odds” that the Justice Department brings charges against former President Donald Trump.

“Nobody is above the law in the United States of America, that includes the president, that’s especially the President of the United States,” Kinzinger said.

You can watch more of Colbert’s interview with Kinzinger via the clips below.

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