This Is The Easiest Way To Fall Asleep Faster (Sans Melatonin) – Lifotravel


One of the most popular sleep supplements in the U.S., melatonin, has come under fire recently for a number of reasons. For starters, melatonin is a hormone, and taking it nightly can affect your body’s production and homeostasis of other hormones. Many supplements also contain levels of melatonin that are much higher than those your body produces endogenously (on its own); which health experts have raised red flags over. Not to mention, research shows that mislabeled melatonin products run rampant. Finally, since melatonin’s job is to alert the body that it’s time for bed, it won’t necessarily do much to improve sleep quality—and can actually leave you feeling more tired come morning.

If you’re looking for a supplement that’ll help you fall asleep faster sans questionable hormones, sleep support+ is a name to know. mindbodygreen’s non-hormonal sleep supplement is a gentler alternative that still delivers noticeable mind-body relaxation benefits come bedtime.*

Here’s what customers are saying about how the best-selling supplement helps them fall asleep faster—and stay asleep longer—than melatonin ever could.*

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