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Fiber is a complex carb that comes from fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes—all foods I eat plenty of. In fact, many of these 25 high-fiber foods show up in my weekly (if not daily) rotation. And yet, I still wasn’t hitting the recommended daily intake.

I wanted to see if getting closer to 25 grams per day would help me feel satiated. And like it was meant to be, we released our very own fiber product: organic fiber potency+

This powder fiber supplement blends so easily into whatever I’m drinking. A hot beverage works great; but sometimes, for efficiency’s sake, I just toss it in my protein shaker and knock it back with eight ounces of water. It doesn’t taste like anything and mixes amazingly well. When I start my day with fiber supplementation, I stick to three meals a day and the incessant snack monster in my head takes the day off. 

The organic guar fiber, green kiwifruit, and mushroom trio (reishi, shitake, oyster) help get me to my goal of 25 grams per day while also providing added gut benefits (like supporting digestion3, promoting gut microbiome diversity and abundance4, and reducing bloat5) and helping me maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels6.* 

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