3 Hair & Scalp Care Mistakes A Trichologist Wants You To Fix – Lifotravel

Lot’s of us aren’t washing our hair properly, and one way to find out is to identify where you get oily first. If the nape of the neck or the crown are the first to show signs of grease, that may be a signal that you need to switch up how you’re shampooing. 

“Most people start with the shampoo on the top of their head and the midband on the sides, but you’re missing a whole chunk of scalp when you do that,” she says. Instead, part your hair down the middle all the way, and move the hair past the shoulders on both sides. (Almost like you’re planning to put your hair in pigtails.) Then start cleaning the nape, going up to the crown. Once you’ve cleaned that, then you can go into the top and the sides. And “always double cleanse if you’re not shampooing your hair daily,” she says. 

A quick note: If you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo, it won’t lather as readily. You need to apply some to the palms of your hand, add a splash or so of water, and work it up in your hands before taking to the hair and scalp. 

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