9 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You, From Experts – Lifotravel


Perhaps there was a time in your relationship when they would have dropped anything to be with you. Now, they almost seem disinterested in your life and more involved in their routine and schedule. When you ask them out to hang with your friends or see your family, they may shrug you off as they prioritize their own life, friendships, and career. Their attitude has changed, and it’s impacting the relationship. You feel like they’re too busy for you, which may leave you feeling needy and insecure. 

It could be a positive sign that your boyfriend is nurturing an interdependent life within the relationship, but be wary if they’re leaning into their own thing without including you in the conversation. If they’re making room for their own life, work, friends, self-care rituals, goals, and new hobbies without you, the decreased desire for connection may be a sign of infidelity and that someone else may be in the picture. 

Studies2 show there are a huge variety of reasons why men cheat: While sometimes it’s simply about craving variety and having an opportunity presenting itself, oftentimes infidelity is a symptom of a bigger problem in the primary relationship, such as feeling a lack of emotional or physical connection, lingering anger at your partner, or a core incompatibility.

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