GOP Virginia Governor Stumbles As Trans Student Confronts Him On Live TV – Lifotravel

A transgender high school student’s question for Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), who has rolled back protections for trans students during his administration, got a dodge for the ages in return at a CNN town hall event on Thursday night.

The student, who goes by Niko, noted how they’re a transgender man and pressed Youngkin on his anti-trans policies including those limiting trans students’ participation in athletics and their usage of bathrooms.

“Do you think the girls in my high school would feel comfortable sharing a restroom with me?” asked Niko.

Youngkin refrained from providing a yes or no answer and instead touted his belief in strong parent-children relationships.

“I believe first, when parents are engaged with their children, you can make good decisions together…I also think there are lots of students involved in this decision,” Youngkin said.

He then went on to call for extra bathrooms in school including gender-neutral facilities “so people can use the bathroom that they, in fact, are comfortable with.”

His policy on sports, the governor added, is clear and non-controversial as he dropped a brief summary of his policy and implied it’d conflict with progress made for “women in sports” otherwise.

“Again, I think these are very difficult discussions and I am very, very glad to see you and your dad here together,” said Youngkin as CNN’s cameras showed the two appearing to be disappointed by the response.

Youngkin, in response to questions from CNN’s Jake Tapper, later emphasized the role of parents in a child’s life and said the topic offered counselors, teachers and parents an opportunity to come together to deal with a difficult issue.

Twitter users noted Niko’s “dubious expression” and criticized Youngkin for his response.

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