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What Turns A Guy Off
What Turns A Guy Off

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There are some things that you will do as a girl thinking that is normal or good, without knowing that you are indirectly killing your relationship with a guy. Some ladies don’t know that there are certain things expected of you as a woman to do with your man. And some characters are not expected of you as a girl. “What Turns A Guy off”

So if you visit here to learn about those things that can quickly get your man turned off, then relax for you have genuinely visited the right place. I will explain to you something that can soon turn a man off.

What Turns A Guy off

1. Not being honest.

Yes lying itself is terrible not to talk more about lying to your man. If you are doing such things or used to hide your life from your man, then you are not getting it right. It will surely cause you problems in the future when he finds out you are hiding something from him.

2. Self-centeredness.

If you are fund of such life, it’s better for you to abstain from such for it is not good. It seriously pains a man so much to see that his woman never cares about him, but always think about herself alone.

3. No attention.

Always giving most of your attention to your phone instead of the man that you love. If you are the type that knows nothing else, then your social media and selfies, I advise you to stop that.

“What Turns A Guy off”

4. Making him jealous.

Suppose you must do so then never you make him notice it. Or do it to him when he has done nothing to you. If you continue doing things that will make him jealous, you may end up losing him.


5. Resisting urges and romance.

If you are the type that always wants to stress him before responding to touch, urges or even romance. Then I advise you today that doing so will end up losing your man to another woman.


6. Lying about the things you want.

If there is something, you need or want your man to do for you. Don’t pretend or try to hide it from him. Even if he can’t provide it for you at that time, just work to be plain and open with him about what you need.

“What Turns A Guy off”

7. Always busy with your social media.

Suppose you are the type that always chats on your social media, without thinking about your man and giving him the attention and time that he wants. It is not the right attitude and can never make your man happy it can make him think you are cheating, so please stop it.


8. Not complimenting your man.

It is good to compliment your man time to time and not just to leave him to be in any way he is. Praising him at times makes him happy and feel loved, especially when he put on a beautiful or new outfit.


9. Being yourself always.

If you are the type that never plays or chat with your man, then bear in mind that you are not getting things right. Don’t always be you, but be free and open to him. Give your man time and the opportunity to talk and play with you.


10. Not respecting others.

If you know that you are fond of talking to people anyhow, then try to put a stop to such life. A man gets easily turned off to a girl who talks and treats people anyhow. Even if your man is doing the same, you don’t have to do it with him, if eventually, it happens that he meets a girl with good heart, be sure to lose him for that woman.

“What Turns A Guy off”

11. Fight when seeing a girl around him.

Suppose you are the type of girl who quickly gets angry, seeing another girl around your man. Or easily talk to other girls anyhow because you see her with your man. Then you need to stop such drama, is not good and quickly get a man fed with you.


12. Never shows appreciation.

It is awful of you, If you never show your man any sign of appreciation of anything he does for you. No matter how small it may appear, he did it for you, just make sure that you show him that sign of appreciation for doing it.


13. Talking about Marriage or Child at the beginning of the relationship.

If you are the type of girl who brings up marriage or children stuff at the early stage of your relationship, that is a terrible idea. And you need to stop it, it’s never wise, to discuss it in a new relationship. It can scare him away and eventually turn him off.

“What Turns A Guy off”

Other things that can quickly turn a guy off


14. A lady who never care about the things in her area or the things that are happening around her. Such a lady quickly turns a man off.

15. Ladies who always admire their body a lot or looks through the mirror each time instead of doing some other essential things. Yes, I understand that as a lady, you need to make sure that you look kind and sweet, but at that time your man is not looking at it that way.

16. A lady who lack concentration when discussing with her man. It is better always to avoid distractions when talking about anything with your man.

17. A lady who is always dirty and never put on decent or fitting clothes. And a girl that is still lazy in doing things, and keeping the house neat.

18. When a lady can’t hold a conversation with him. By this, I mean a lady who can’t keep secret.

19. When a lady checks out every other guy that walks past her. Especially if she is the type that can’t love one man. “What Turns A Guy off”

20. A girl that always talk a lot and argue with his man without listening to him and what he has to say.

21. A woman who never gives his man space to be free and chat with other guys. It makes men feel as if he is in a zoo.

22. When a lady tries to one-up a man whenever he opens his mouth, without trying first to understand him.

23. When a lady needs only the most expensive jewellery, clothes, and pocketbooks to be happy. Without considering if his man is capable of doing so.

24. A woman who doesn’t know how to spell, or speak fluently, and never bothers to learn

25. Forcing him to always take pictures with you. I didn’t say it’s terrible to snap pics with your man but forcing him ever to do so is not helpful.

26. When a lady hates animals and freaks out whenever a dog or cat goes near her as if they are something else.

27. . When a lady has no definite goals for her future and doesn’t even make any plan concerning her future. “What Turns A Guy off”

28. When a lady claims that she’s “fine,” or claims that she is always better than anyone else.

29. When a lady gives him ultimatums or threatens him with one thing or the other just to make sure that he will do what she wants.

30. When a lady focuses on all of the negative aspects of life rather than the positives or other things that matter most experience.

31. When a lady doesn’t even attempt to get alongside his parents and closest friends. Or also like to see them near him, not to talk of discussing with them. It is not right, and it makes a man unhappy.

32. When a lady doesn’t do any other good thing apart from being good in bed. Most women think that being good in bed can make a man easily fall for them, or will always be happy with them. Let me explain this to you if you are right in bed but have an evil character. Then you are making a huge mistake. Sorry, but a man can only need you when there is an urge for sex. “What Turns A Guy off”

33. When a lady only dates men that at a particular level, then she wags and insult other men all because they are not up to her standard.

34. When a lady gets jealous quickly. Without trying first to listen or give his man the trust that he deserves.

35. When a lady makes fun of the things, his man needs and not bother to help him do those things.

36. When a lady fights with him over every little thing that happens.

37. When a lady compares him to other men. The truth here is this, if you are among those girls who do such things, please change, it drives men crazy, and you can quickly lose him for that.

38. When a lady doesn’t realize her beauty and price of the womanhood in her.

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“What Turns A Guy off”

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