Mehdi Hasan Reveals What ‘Loser’ Ron DeSantis’ Buddies Really Think Of Him – Lifotravel

“It’s one Florida fascist or another, I mean that,” he said on Sunday night. “Don’t for a second think the Florida governor is any less extreme, any less dangerous, any less authoritarian than Donald Trump.”

DeSantis, Hasan noted, has struggled to differentiate himself from Trump on matters of policy while continuing his attacks on the LGBTQ community, the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci and more.

“DeSantis will take on everyone: The doctors! The media! The gays!” Hasan said. “But he won’t take on the former president.”

“His own people! His own buddies!” Hasan exclaimed. “They see him as a potential loser, too. The calls are coming from inside the house.”

Hasan said he’s reminded of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) describing the 2016 choice of Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.)

“Choosing between those two, he said at the time, was like choosing between being shot or poisoned,” Hasan said.

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