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Choosing the best water rowing machine means choosing a water rower that will work best for your space and wallet. Trevor Franklin, Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor in NYC tells us his main criteria for choosing a water rower: “It’s all about price and size. Now, that may just be because I live in NYC where square footage is valuable, but I imagine most share a similar concern.” 

Sarah Sponaugle, sports chiropractor and owner of Sponaugle Wellness Studio, suggests considering the rowing machine’s functionality. Some models are foldable or compact, while others offer smart features and hand-crafted aesthetics. “All rowing machines are going to give you a great workout as long as you get on it and use it,” she encourages. 

While people tend to like water rowing machines more because of the consistent and constant resistance, Sponaugle makes a case for air rowing machines, too. “If budget and space are top priorities in your decision for purchasing a rowing machine an air rower may be a better option. Many of the air rowers are lighter in weight which makes them easier to move and generally are well under $1,000 for a good machine,” she adds. 

Regarding water rowers specifically, Franklin says, “The water on a water rower is also a much smoother experience and the swishing sound is very pleasant.” So, if you do decide on a water rower, you can expect to have slightly faster times than your friends on an air rower.

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