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So much planning goes into getting photo-ready for your wedding day: finding the perfect dress, procuring comfortable shoes that don’t sacrifice style and sealing everything together with stunning accessories. But there’s one beauty item that will ensure you remember your big day forever: perfume.

While fragrance may be the last thing you’re thinking about in the midst of hectic preparation, wearing a certain scent can trigger memories associated with the day you wore it, said Jessica Reichert, director of fragrance and product at Olfactory NYC.

“The olfactory nerve, which is located right behind your nasal cavity and the part of the brain that recognizes odor, is also right next to the hippocampus,” Reichert said. “The hippocampus is the part of the brain where your memories are thought to be stored.”

Because those two parts of the brain are so close to each other, they can easily make connections, Reichert said. And thus, by simply wearing a specific fragrance on your wedding day, the sweet memories you made could come back vividly to you whenever you smell it or wear it again.

If your wedding is coming up and you need a little inspiration to find a fragrance that will transport you back to your wedding day years from now, check out the picks below from real brides who wore signature scents on their day.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

“I wore Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs, which is a warm, floral scent. It nicely matched the vibes of our garden theme. Prior to our wedding, I wore a different perfume regularly that was a different scent profile. I bought this specifically for the occasion and I’m so glad I did! Now every time I wear it, the scent triggers memories of the wedding day. Definitely recommend doing this if you’re getting married!” — Lindsay Holmes, senior Life editorThe key notes are crystallized cloudberries, daisy tree petals, cashmere musks and driftwood.


Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

“I wore Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather — a super-heady, earthbound, floral scent — when I married my husband in a teeny-tiny ceremony in Philadelphia in 2017. It honestly didn’t have any great big wedding-day significance — it’s my fragrance of choice for both every day and special occasions. It was also a gift from my husband, who is way more into fragrance than I am. I don’t think I ever would have bought this for myself. So that made it feel very apropos on this particular day.” — Emily Ruane, shopping managing editorThe key notes are leather, saffron and black suede.


Le Labo Baie 19

“I love Le Labo fragrances so much, but for their price, they definitely feel like a special occasion scent or one that you have to be obsessed with and use for it to be worth it. I am definitely someone who has jumped in the deep end with popular fragrances and regretted it after wearing it more than once. So I knew that for my wedding, I wanted a scent that I liked wearing all day long without feeling nauseous from the overpowering flowery smells and that would actually last once I put it on. I tried the Baie tester (which you have to pay for) to see if it was a match and I found myself reaching for it every day (even when I wasn’t leaving the house!) and feeling like I could smell the scent hours after application — so I knew it was the one!” — Becca Maier, BuzzFeed vice president of commerce operations and growthThe key notes are dry juniper berry, patchouli and green leaves.


Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

“I got married on May 21 and I chose Chanel Eau Tendre eau de parfum. I love how it’s delicate, feminine and has notes of grapefruit and jasmine. Perfect to remember our big day!” — Valerie Canubas, HuffPost readerThe key notes are grapefruit, quince, rose accord and white musk.


Estée Lauder Beautiful

“Nearly thirty-five years later, same guy, same fragrance.” — Julianne J. Schmidt, HuffPost readerThe key notes are rose, mandarin, orange flower, jasmine, sandalwood and amber.


Tocca Colette

“I wanted something that I wouldn’t turn to on a daily basis but still felt special. So now when I wear it for our anniversary, it reminds me only of that day.” — Katie Jones, HuffPost readerThe key notes are bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, violet, incense and musk.


Vera Wang Princess

“It was the perfume that I wore when me and my husband first started dating in junior high.” — Hayley Lee, HuffPost readerThe key notes are apple, guava and vanilla.


Lancome Idôle L’Intense

“We wanted something bold and expensive for each of us. He chose Sauvage by Dior and I chose this. Now we wear those scents for any special occasion and it brings back wonderful memories while also creating a signature style for both of us.” — Brighton Jordan Banks, HuffPost readerThe key notes are Isparta rose, warm musks, cedar and Madagascar bourbon vanilla.


Guerlain Shalimar

“It’s classic and it was what I wore when we met.” — Constance Peschang Stannard, HuffPost readerThe key notes are bergamot, powder, iris, vanilla and amber.


Gucci Guilty Pour Femme eau de parfum intense

“I’m not usually very into perfume but I did want something special to wear on my wedding day. I’m usually very sensitive to strong smells (they give me headaches) so I wanted something light and floral. The poor associate at Sephora was stuck with me for like an hour trying to find the perfect match. I finally decided to go with Gucci Guilty Pour Femme eau de parfum Intense. I love that I have this special scent that can transport me straight back to my wedding day.” — Kristina Huff, HuffPost readerThe key notes are mandora, lychee, violet, ylang-ylang, patchouli and vanilla.

Neiman Marcus

Dior Dioressence

“I’d got it from my future sister-in-law for Christmas and loved it.” — Gina Sim, HuffPost readerThe key notes are geranium, cinnamon and patchouli.


Houbigant Paris Quelques Fleurs Royale

“Lightly floral and powdery. I wore it to my own wedding and it is my ‘go to’ for every special occasion.” — Jennifer Pettey, HuffPost reader

The key notes are bergamot, grapefruit, black currant buds, Egyptian jasmine and Moroccan rose.


Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk

“We got married in Florida, and it’s a very different scent from what I normally wear, so every time I wear it, we think of our wedding.” — Laurin Hawkins, HuffPost readerThe key notes are bergamot, heliotrope and coconut milk.


Chloé by Chloé

“I chose it because it’s the perfume I wore on my now husband’s and mine first date!” — Robyn Sakadjian, HuffPost readerThe key notes are peony, rose, honey and cedarwood.


Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

“It’s a very light, feminine floral scent that isn’t sickly sweet-smelling. Long lasting and overall just felt ‘bridal’ to me versus the other scents I tried. Was also my “something new” because I’m a little superstitious.” — Jessica Atwood, HuffPost readerThe key notes are Datura flower, patchouli and red berries.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait de parfum

“I decided to wear Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait. My husband wore Baccarat Rouge 540 eau de parfum. Both the [eau de parfum] and extrait are our signature scents! This is a sweet fragrance while leaving a stunning trail. We love the saffron note! I feel so much joy looking at this fragrance. The scent is so gorgeous.” — Shalini Reyes, HuffPost reader

The key notes are Egyptian grandiflorum jasmine, saffron, Moroccan bitter almond, cedarwood and musky wood accord.

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