Do This To Decrease Your Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease By Up To 25% – Lifotravel


Stock up on brain-supportive nutrients: Just like probiotics are good for gut health and vitamin D is good for immunity, certain nutrients support brain health. These include nutrients like omega-3s, citrulline, and B vitamins. Try one of these 16 memory-supporting supplements that offer effective doses of nutrients for your brain health, cognition, and memory. 

Meditate: Research shows that meditation boosts parts of the brain associated with memory, learning, attention, and self-awareness. Studies have also shown that meditation can help improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

Eat brain-supporting foods: Foods like dark chocolate, kefir, and lentils all contain super brain-supportive nutrients that can protect cognition throughout your life. Here’s a list of seven foods that support brain health

Manage your stress levels: Studies show that psychological stress is a risk factor for Parkinson’s disease. Make an effort to schedule your days so they feel doable, and invest in stress-relieving practices that help you find relief. You can start by considering these 10 natural remedies for stress. 

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