Facial Hair Removal: 7 Options & Who They’re Best For, From Derms – Lifotravel


If you’re super prone to ingrown hairs, laser hair removal may be a smart option. That being said, it’s not actually going to last forever. 

“While laser hair removal can be long-lasting, it’s important to note that it may not offer permanent removal, but rather reduction, and maintenance may be needed,” Garshick says. 

You should also know that this removal method isn’t effective for light peach fuzz, grey hair, or white hair. “It works best on pigmented hairs because the pigment serves as the target of the laser,” Camp explains. 

Another important note is that some skin types and skin tones will benefit more from some lasers than others. “While laser hair removal can be performed on all skin types, including those with the darker skin, it is especially important to see a board-certified dermatologist to ensure the correct laser is being used for your skin,” Garshick says. 

You can do at-home laser removal, but those devices are often less effective and will take longer to see results. If you do want to take this route, be sure to consult your derm before investing in a device. 

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