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23 Sure Signs Your Husband Isn't In Love With You Anymore

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You are looking for signs that your husband isn’t in love? You may notice signs such as complaining about everything and making excuses for not spending time with your husband.

It is heartbreaking to learn that someone you thought would be your partner for the rest of your life, have children with, and live happily ever thereafter may not be there.

It’s not clear what is going on. However, you do know that his behaviour has changed dramatically and that he doesn’t feel the same about you now as when you first began dating.

You want to know what your husband thinks about you before you rush to make any decisions. Continue reading to learn twenty-three signs that your husband may not be in love with or for you.

23 Sure Signs Your Husband Isn't In Love With You Anymore

22 Signs that your Husband isn’t in Love with You

It is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.

You should be alert for signs such as complaining about everything and him making excuses for not spending time with you.

Continue reading to find out the 23 signs your husband may not be in love with or for you.

1. He complains about everything

He didn’t say a negative word about you when you were first married.

He was grateful and appreciative of everything, whether it was washing dishes, ironing clothes, or vacuuming. He always said thank you and expressed gratitude to have a wife like him.

He may not notice that you keep your house in the same order as before, but he will have a problem with everything. He’ll complain about how you don’t iron his clothes properly, or that you missed a spot while you were hoovering. These complaints are not something that he has now and again.

2. He Quits Showing His Affection

You fell in love with your husband because he was affectionate.

He was always all over you, but he wasn’t showing affection in the hope that it would lead him to sex. He was simply expressing his love for you and his physical attraction to you. He now avoids you like a plague.

It is unrealistic to expect your spouse to be as passionate about you in years after marriage, but if there is a complete lack, it’s not right.

3. He makes excuses not to spend time with you

When you suggest a date night, he always has something to do. He has to work late, or a friend invited him. He doesn’t want to spend time with you, no matter what the reason.

4. He looks at you in disgust

You have had four children and gained some weight. Your love handles are bigger than ever, and your arms and thighs are thicker than before. Your pussycat doll has run away from you and he isn’t impressed.

You are unhappy with how you look and you’re trying to change your diet and exercise habits to get back to your old glory.

Instead of supporting you, your husband makes your insecurities even worse by giving you dirty looks when you get changed. His face is the best indicator of his thoughts and feelings.

5. He’s Quit Making an Effort

He will make an effort to help others, but not you.

He may even watch you carrying groceries around the house, but he won’t offer any assistance. If he notices a neighbour struggling to lift something heavy, he’ll quickly intervene.

6. He is Never at Home

He says he comes home late from work because he is going to the gym, visiting friends, or playing sports.

On weekends, he uses the same excuses. He spends very little time at home and hides in his man cave when he runs out of excuses.

23 Sure Signs Your Husband Isn't In Love With You Anymore

7. He makes plans without you

He won’t ask you anything. Every year, you used to go along and watch your favourite basketball team play together.

He now goes with his friends. When he gets dressed, you ask him where it is.

8. He Has Stopped Being Romantic

Your husband used to boast about how romantic he was to your friends. He would always bring you flowers and gifts home, as well as take you on romantic vacations.

When you were first married, he was all about romance. You don’t even remember the last time your husband gave you flowers.

9. He doesn’t want to have sex with you

This is the most obvious sign that your husband has stopped falling in love with you. Your sex life has become non-existent because your husband has stopped having sex with other women.

Men have sex as a way to express their emotions with their partners.

He may have stopped having sex, but he might be getting it elsewhere. Also, he may not want to emotionally connect with you.

10. He only thinks about himself

Your husband is a self-deprecating man. He would share any leftover chicken with you if there was.

He will clean up the pot and leave you with nothing to eat when you return from work today. If you’re outside with him and it starts to rain, and you don’t have an umbrella, he will cover you and not try to stop you from getting wet.

11. He has stopped complimenting you

Your husband used to always say that you were beautiful.

Even if you were in your pyjamas, his kind words about your appearance never stopped him. When you dressed up, he would act like a child in a candy shop.

These days are gone. He doesn’t care what you have to say about your physical appearance.

12. He criticizes your physical appearance

He has stopped complimenting you and also criticizes the way your body looks.

You are not spring chickens, neither of you is. Both have grey hair and wrinkles. He also makes it clear that he doesn’t believe you’re gracefully ageing. He will remind you when grey hairs start to show.

He tells you not to leave the house without makeup because your under-eye bags are visible. He is just plain rude about your physical appearance.

13. You can do nothing to please him

You have tried every food.

You do your best to look as sexy and you purchase sexy lingerie. But he refuses you. You try to be polite and not nag, but you just can’t seem to do it right. He gets more annoyed the harder you try.

23 Sure Signs Your Husband Isn't In Love With You Anymore

14. He has stopped talking about the future

Is your husband still talking about the future? Are you still talking about the future in pillow talk? What about those travel plans and retirement homes that you had hoped to have?

Because he doesn’t see a future in it with you, he has stopped talking about it.

15. He Criticizes Your Parenting Skills

Your husband allows your children to get away with murder, and they run wild around the house when you’re not there.

When they get upset, you should not be so gentle. Your husband suddenly has a problem, even though you have raised your children this way since birth.

You’re now too strict and oppressive. If your children rebel against authority, it is your fault.

16. He Does Not Respect You in Public

If your husband is unhappy about something while you are out, he will not hesitate to talk to you at home. No matter who is around, he will say it loudly.

He will either make you look dumb in front of your friends or family and/or cut you off when speaking.

17. He Flirts Openly with Other Women

He won’t try to hide his feelings for other women. Your husband will flirt with anyone, whether it is your friend, your sister, a coworker or the woman at the checkout desk.

18. All of it is your fault

As we mentioned, if you are unable to do the right things, it is a sign that your husband is not in love with or committed to you.

You are responsible for everything that goes wrong. He responds to your question about his shameless flirting by saying that he would not need to look at other women if you put more effort into his appearance.

If you ask him why he has stopped being romantic, he will tell you that he doesn’t have a reason. Everything wrong in a relationship is due to you.

19. He Sees You As A Burden

Your husband was very fond of spending money on you when you first met him.

He bought clothes, shoes and handbags for you, even though you were employed. However, he did not want you to pay any bills.

He has stopped buying gifts for you and is now huffing and puffing. When letters arrive demanding payment, it gives him a reason to say that your bills are too high as you use too much electricity and water.

20. He disagrees with everything you say

It is impossible to do or say the right thing. Your husband will always pick arguments with you. He will argue until you are blue, even if you and others know he is wrong.

Men will do anything to get rid of their wives.

Most cases, as it is likely to be with you, are good. The husband can cause problems.

21. He is always whispering on the phone

There’s a good chance that your husband has found someone more in love with you than you are.

Is he a nerd who spends hours in his study, or in one of the spare rooms?

If you ask him about his conversation and why he was doing it, he replies that it was an old friend from high school. He also said that he was whispering to keep people in the house at bay. Even more bizarre was the fact that all of his whisperings happened during the day.

Going to social events, especially married couples nights out is like pulling teeth to him.

He is aware that you are in a loveless union and can’t bear to act like he’s happy for you. He avoids these gatherings at all costs.

22. His Schedule is Always in Change

He might have football on Tuesday and then on Thursday. His late-night meetings for work were last Monday, but now they are on Friday.

His schedule seems to change from week to week. The sad truth is that he lies. His schedule changes every week because he lies so much, he forgets what he has said.

He lies again when you ask him about it and claims that his schedule has changed since the last minute.

23 Sure Signs Your Husband Isn't In Love With You Anymore

How can I test my husband’s love?

If your husband still doesn’t love you, you have a few things you can do. You can flirt with him, ask questions about his protection, and see if he supports you.

Asking your husband if he still loves and cares for you would make your life easier.

However, most men in this situation are cowards and won’t be able to express their true feelings.

Unfortunately, this means you will have to test whether your husband loves you. If your husband does not do these things, it isn’t likely that he loves you.

Flirt With Him As Someone Else

Create a fake account on social media using a photo of a woman that you think he would enjoy. Start flirting with your husband.

You will need to continue the sex for at least two weeks to make this work. If he accepts the offer, you can arrange to meet for sex.

Check to See if He Protects You

Experts say that men are wired to protect their family members. Men protect more than just women; they protect those they love.

If he is in love with you and there is a threat to you, he will protect your interests. You could say, “There’s a man at my work who is flirting with me too much, and he’s saying some things that make me uncomfortable.”

While you don’t want to make your husband come to work with a bat and a baseball bat in his hand, he should be defensive.

If he says you should report it to your boss and doesn’t seem to be angry, then you have the answer.

Check to See if He Supports You

A loving husband will support his wife no matter what her goals are in life.

Tell your husband that you are considering changing jobs. See what he has to say. If your husband shrugs and says it’s up to you, then you know the answer.

23 Sure Signs Your Husband Isn't In Love With You Anymore

How do you know when your marriage is over?

When one spouse wants to save the marriage and the other does not, you will know that your marriage is over.

This is where your husband refuses to try to restore the marriage to its former glory.

Although you have done everything to make things right, even marriage counselling, fixing a marriage requires cooperation from both spouses.

Even if you have the best therapists, your husband may not be willing to follow the suggestions and give relationship advice.

How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?

Several signs will tell you if your husband is in a relationship with another woman. These include changing his clothes, spending more than usual on social media, and increasing his engagement on the internet.

He has changed his Wardrobe

He was very conscious about his clothes when you first began dating your husband. Although he may not have been a fan of the latest fashions, he did his best to impress you every time you went out with him.

You’d see him wearing something different now and again. After you were married and had children, it was no longer his priority to look good. He can’t even remember the last time that he went shopping by himself.

He’s now into the latest fashion and has revamped his entire closet. He also uses inexpensive aftershave whenever he goes out.

Your husband doesn’t like social media and seldom engages with your posts or any others.

He does like one woman, however, and comments on her posts. They are more than just friends. Their flirtatious conversation in the comments section is quite charming.

He defends himself when you confront him about the matter, saying that he doesn’t value how closely you monitor his daily life. He won’t tell you her identity because it isn’t his business.

He is spending more money than usual

Your husband will always tell you that he doesn’t have the money to do all the nice things that you used to do.

He claims that gas and energy prices have increased, but you know that they haven’t so much that he can’t afford to take your child to the movies.

You decide to snoop around and see what your husband is spending his money on. His bank statements will tell you an entirely different story. Your husband spends thousands on luxury shopping, fancy restaurants, spa resorts and luxury shops.

He doesn’t even try to justify the transactions when you confront him. Instead, he grabs your bank statement and scolds you for looking through his personal property.

Last Thoughts

It must be so hard to believe that your husband isn’t loving you anymore. You hoped that your vows would last for life when you made them at the altar, but it is now uncertain what your future holds.

It is possible to save your marriage even if your husband is involved with another woman. It’s not always that spouses are no longer in love with their wives. However, pressures like children or financial woes may cause them to look for a new reality.

A mistress is often a man saying to his wife, “Things are too stressful at home; I need an outlet.” However, you should do everything you can to save your marriage.

If your husband continues to disrespect you and refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoings, I recommend that you consider a temporary divorce and wait to see if things improve. A divorce is an option if your husband continues to disrespect you and refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

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