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Consumers Opinion - Private GP is the Best Choice for Treatments

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The General Practitioners’ waiting period is increasing day by day. Which results in a delay of vital investigations to be made and ultimately a delay in diagnosis and treatment.

A private GP service offers flexibility and promptness in service that we can’t expect from conventional GP services. Private GP also gives longer appointment slots. So we have more time to discuss our issues and get an effective treatment plan.

The services of private GP are not very common these days as they used to be. But we cannot ignore them completely. Private practice is still a better choice for premier quality treatments at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of Seeing a Private GP

Independence Assures Best Services

Private practitioners have the full authority to take decisions suitable for their patients. The patient-doctor trust relation includes only two people: the doctor and the patient.

Third-party involvement is seen in situations when physicians work for renowned health care organizations or hospitals. These organizations are lead by executives who have no medical knowledge. Yet, they influence the medical and healthcare decisions that a physician should make.

Private practitioners value their autonomy. They refer the experts, give priority to conservative treatments, provide unscheduled appointments in case of emergencies. In this way, they ensure that every treatment is given based on facts, best practices, and the patient’s health records.

Affordable Private Treatments

Getting treated in hospitals will always be an expensive affair for many reasons. However, for low-risk patients, private practitioners can perform medication and operations in outpatient centers. Which drastically reduces the costs while improving the patient’s health.

Longer Appointment Slots

An appointment with a private GP can last up to 30 minutes. It gives GP ample time to get familiar with the patient and know him better as an individual. That increases the trust bond between the two. Larger appointment slots also ensure that GP has enough time to study the patient’s medical history and assess his health and symptoms properly.

Unlike the conventional GP services, where you can address only one problem at a time, you can discuss all your health issues with a private GP in one sitting. The more the physician knows about your health issues, the better treatment he will provide.

Complete and Continuous Care

A private GP makes sure that the right care is given at the right time. They are liable to provide extensive care with frequent check-ups. They build an association that is beneficial for their patients. Over the years, they have a comprehensive record of their patient’s health, which assists them in treating them accurately.

A private GP has their network of professional consultants that covers a wide range of specialties. If required, they collaborate with them and give their patients the specialized care that they need.

Private GPs who are associated with various private hospitals have quick access to treatments and examinations. They have the advantage of a collaborative team, specialist involvement, in-house appointments, and accurate and timely access to reports.

Ease of Availability

This is the most important benefit. As in case of emergencies, it is important to get access to a Doctor. Appointments with private GP have a lesser waiting period and outright consultation time. Also, the test and their results are communicated swiftly to ensure timely and proper diagnostics.

Provisional time slots are made available for taking care of emergencies. Private GP also focuses on giving ample time to their patients because they know the importance of mental health.

Patient-Oriented Care

A private GP does an intensive study of his patient’s medications and notes any cause of side effects. These findings further help the GP in analyzing the patient’s health condition and prescribe new medication and dosage, if required.

Access to the health profile of a patient helps the GP in suggesting tests that can establish starting signs for severe diseases. An early diagnosis of severe diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart-related issues can help in treating the patient to a greater extent.

Private GP also suggests any changes in lifestyle or eating patterns. They have collaborations with Dieticians and Physiotherapists who can effectively help their patients. These small changes in daily routines can also reflect positively on a patient’s wellbeing.

Available Even During Non-Appointment Hours

Private GP is available for their patients most of the time, even beyond their scheduled consulting hours. These extended times could be anytime in the morning or evening or even during lunchtimes. Some GPs make themselves available at weekends too for special cases. Whereas some are available over telephonic consultations 24/7.

You can count on the services of a private GP for critical and emergency cases. Their ease of access and promptness to services proves to be a life-saver many times. 

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