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Driving for popular ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft can feel like you’re navigating an exciting labyrinth—much like a video game. Here are four power-ups, or rather tricks, that’ll help you level up and boost your earnings. There’s so much more to it than just cruising around town–you’d be surprised. 

Love Your Ride Like a Gamer Loves His Console

Maintaining your vehicle isn’t just important–it’s crucial. It’s about making sure it doesn’t break down mid-ride. It’s basically cherishing it like a gamer loves his console. Remember, your car is the ‘stage’ where your content (the ride) is delivered. According to a study by Rideshare Central, drivers with high rating scores and tip earnings were found to have exceptionally clean, well-maintained cars. Keep your ‘wheels’ in peak condition (or at least try your very best to do so)—it’s your key to a five-star rating, larger tips, and lucrative return rides.

The Tech-Savvy Driver’s Tools: Phone Mount and Charger

This one is pretty much a must-have; and here’s why: your console with a phone mount and a charger is basically the joystick of your operation. The phone mount brings safety into play because you can navigate your maps hands-free. Plus, no rider likes seeing their driver fumble with their phone—it breaks the immersive experience. A charger, on the other hand, is an olive branch for passengers in desperate need of a battery top-up. Small gestures go a long way! 

The All-Seeing Dashcam

A dashcam is like having an impartial co-player who records everything that happens during your rides–and it’s definitely worth the investment. This surprisingly nifty tool helps in conflict resolution and can also deter unruly behavior. Moreover, some dashcams feature safety upgrades like collision warnings, providing extra security when you’re on the road. As Simon Smith, Uber driver and founder of The Rideshare Guy quoted in Business Insider, “they’re an important tool for anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the road.”

Player Safety: Rideshare Insurance

Rideshare Insurance is like an armor upgrade in your game—the higher it is, the more protected you are if something goes awry. While Uber and Lyft offer third-party liability once you’ve accepted a trip and are en route, having your own rideshare insurance can cover other situations like waiting for a ride request, repairs, lost wages, and more.

Calculating Your Earnings with Ease: Track Your Expenses

Driving for rideshares isn’t as simple as ‘miles driven = money earned.’ Different factors like fuel, insurance, licensing, maintenance, and car depreciation need to be kept track of—an advanced arithmetic that even experienced gamers might find challenging. Use tracking apps to log daily mileage and expense tracking; it’ll help you understand your real earnings and set targets accordingly. 

What about Coverage?

Some of you may be wondering, does lyft cover accidents?–and the answer is–yes, Lyft does provide coverage, but it depends on when the accident occurs during the ride cycle. Don’t be under the illusion that you’re fully covered, though. This is why it’s often best (and wise) to contact a lawyer as often as you can. 

Know Your Turf, Own Your Turf

It’s like when you finally uncover the entire map in an open-world game. It’s that “A-ha!” moment, right? Get familiar with your local area—talk about a game-changer! By knowing the ins and outs of your city—the quickest routes, the traffic hotspots, the trendy areas—you’ll deliver a smoother, quicker ride for your customers. 

But, this isn’t just about being a real-life GPS. It’s about diving into your locale’s unique rhythm. Once you know the lunch hours of the local corporate park, the release times of popular concerts, and even when the bars have their last call, you can position yourself to be smackdab in the middle of the action—and peak fares. 

Driving for ride-sharing services is pretty much like playing an epic video game–full of wild twists and sharp turns. By using these genius-level cheat codes, you’re not just aimlessly driving around town—you’re strategically blasting off to mega earnings and a more rad ride-sharing session.

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