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My Ex Has Unblocked Me But No Contact, Why?

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Breakups can be very painful, regardless of who initiated them.

Even if it’s the best, you are losing someone important in your life. Someone you shared many memories with and a strong emotional connection with.

It’s even more difficult when your partner blocks social media.

It is best for you and your partner to stop having contact with someone you don’t like. People who have dated a narcissist will tell you that they often return to previous relationships to extract love and affection, before moving on to the next victim.

Some people try to block ex-partners after breakups because it’s too difficult for them to see former partners in new relationships and their emotions still raw.

What does it mean when the same ex unblocks you after a few weeks? Is it possible that he/she blocked me, but did not contact me? Do they want to continue the relationship?

Are they trying to let you know that they have unblocked your account and are waiting for your contact? Are they trying to show you that they are friends?

This article will discuss the intricacies of your ex’s social-media behaviour and what that means for you moving forward.

My Ex Has Unblocked Me But No Contact, Why?

What does it mean when your ex unblocks you?

“My ex unblocked my phone but has not yet contacted me,” It could be anything, but it is most likely that your ex is paying attention.

They have unblocked your account for a reason. It could be personal, or they may just want you to notice their actions.

However, it is possible to become insane by not knowing the reason they unblocked your phone. These are the top eight reasons your ex unblocks.

8 Reasons Your Ex is Unblocked

Breakups can be difficult in relationships. Sometimes it can be acrimonious, such as when someone cheats or there was a fight between you.

Splits can also be caused by growing apart, and they are usually quite civil. It’s difficult to know the details of your relationship so it’s not possible to tell why your ex has blocked you, but not initiated contact.

There are several reasons they may have done it.

He/She is over his/her anger

You may be the one who ended the relationship or caused your partner to end it.

They may follow the no-contact rule to protect themselves or express their dissatisfaction with you.

Either way, these emotions will fade over time and your ex may reopen the communication lines.

He/She is missing you

You and your ex can both remember the good times in every relationship, no matter how difficult it was. It could spark feelings between you and your ex, which may help them to reevaluate the reasons for the breakup.

Even though mixed emotions can lead to longing, your ex might still be hesitant about initiating contact. To test your reaction, they’re putting out a trial balloon.

He/She is worried about you

Your ex may still be interested in you even if the breakup was not particularly painful.

Perhaps they heard from a friend that you are struggling with the breakup. They are asking if you need help and will unblock you to show they care and that they are available if needed.

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Your Ex is Struggling

You don’t know what your ex is doing. You don’t know if they lost their job or had a difficult rebound relationship. Or maybe they are just lonely.

They turn to you for emotional support to cope with their problems. Someone can seek support from you, but this should not be taken as a sign that they are desperate or wish to be together again.

He/She is curious if you’ve ever met someone else

Your ex might not want to be with you right away after the breakup. However, time heals all wounds and curiosity eventually triumph over them.

They want to know if anyone has ever seen them and how they compare with them. It’s not the most healthy behaviour, but it’s difficult to resist the urge to look.

He/She has met someone

Your ex might have unblocked your phone because they want to see their accounts.

They hope that you will notice that they have a new partner, and it makes you jealous. It’s not a good idea to look through past photos if your ex blocks you.

He/She wants to get back together

Although this is unlikely to happen, it can still occur. If your ex wanted to give it another try, they wouldn’t have blocked you in any way. They would also have contacted you immediately after unblocking.

It is unlikely that an unblocking event will lead to a rekindled love. However, miracles can happen but this should not be considered an exception.

Your Ex is just bored

Your ex may be bored, which is perhaps the most disappointing explanation. Have you ever looked up a former friend, colleague or partner on social networking to see their activities without any agenda?

It happens, and you don’t want to get too involved. You might be blocked again if you notice you aren’t blocked.

My Ex Has Unblocked Me But No Contact, Why?

Why didn’t your ex reach out to you after unblocking you?

“She unblocked my phone, but I have no contact. What gives?”

If your ex didn’t unblock you because of boredom, then why didn’t they contact me afterwards? It’s possible that you won’t notice they unblocked your account. What’s the point?

Your Ex is unsure of their feelings

Your ex is watching the healing process unfold in real-time. They want you to know that they are open to speaking to you again. However, they don’t want to talk to you.

After a few months or weeks of receiving each other’s updates, they might feel more at ease and be ready to send you messages.

He/She wants to make peace

A social media block is a clear signal that you don’t want someone in your life. Your ex didn’t want to see your photos and updates, so they blocked you.

If you have mutual friends, blocking someone indefinitely is considered to be holding grudges. Sometimes, an ex will remove you from the block and tell you that they are ready to move on with their life.

This does not mean that they are looking for you back in your life.

Your Ex is bad at expressing his/her feelings

This is more common if your ex is a man. “He unblocked him, but hasn’t reached out” is a common refrain among women. This is because men don’t know how to make peace after a relationship.

They may have said hurtful things or hurt their feelings. However, they aren’t sure how to move on from this painful breakup and into friendship.

Your Ex needs you to make the first move

Your ex is probably the most intimate person you know. Were they willing to take the initiative to move the relationship forward? Even after a relationship is over, the dynamics of a relationship continue to be a part of everyday life.

They could still be using the same patterns even after you’ve unblocked them. They’re afraid to move forward so they need to make contact with you.

Your Ex doesn’t Want to Make Contact

All of us have high school friends who we don’t interact with or talk to on social media.

We keep them on our friend list so we can check in on them occasionally. Even though they don’t have any part in our adult lives, it’s human nature for us to be curious.

Your ex could have the same problem. Your ex might be interested in knowing if you are getting married or having a child, but not in reaching out.

My Ex Has Unblocked Me But No Contact, Why?

What should you do if am unblocked?

This all depends on your relationship with your ex and the reason they blocked you.

You could unblock your ex as part of their healing process or to get a response from you. Every situation is unique, but here are some ways you can respond to your ex once they unblock you.

Do nothing

Do nothing. Do not DM them. Don’t scroll through their photos.

If you are okay with not speaking to your ex again and happy with the way things turned out post-breakup, why complicate matters?

This is especially true for those who are not in the same professional or social circle and don’t meet each other often. It’s OK to not be together.

Send a Message to them

Before you embark on this journey, think carefully. Are you still in a good relationship? Did you have time to heal? How do you plan to make contact?

If you don’t have any evidence that your ex is interested in getting back together, and you do not want to be excluded from their plans, you shouldn’t assume they have unblocked you simply because of changes in their feelings.

Don’t be too assertive if you make contact. A simple “How are you?” will suffice. It’s impossible to know their intentions so keep them vague and non-confrontational.

Visit Their Profile

You have the option to investigate why your ex has unblocked you.

You can check their Facebook posts to see if anyone is interested in you.

Knowing your ex’s mental state can give you an advantage if they contact you. If the thought of looking through your ex’s memories is too distressing, wait until you have had time to heal.

He Unblocked me, but no contact – Should I do anything?

It’s like asking your ex if you should be back together. This is a question you only can answer. The answer to both questions is, in general, no.

Your ex may not be looking for a reply if they block you or haven’t reached out to you. They might be curious about your life or want to make jealousy of you.

You are free to respond in either case.

You can have a lot of psychological problems if you have an ex who is unblocking you.

You may find yourself questioning why you ended up with your partner. Avoid falling for this trap.

It’s possible that your ex blocked you from speaking to them after the breakup. You may not be able to contact them after every breakup. However, they will likely reach out to your family in the future if this is true.

Be patient and let them lead.

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