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Secrets to a long marriage
Secrets to a long marriage

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Marriage is said to be a legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. And there are thousands of secret to a long marriage. Guide to a lasting marriage  includes everything that marriage needs in order to last long and those secret are what we will be writing on today. Read carefully as we will be hitting the nail on its tail now. “Secrets to a long marriage”


Secrets to a long marriage


  1. Endurance.

Endurance in marriage is a major aspect of a lasting marriage for it covers almost everything in that marriage. For instance, if your marriage is shaking maybe because there are no more money coming from the husband or that the wife is behaving abnormal than before.

What is needed in that marriage is endurance, you should accept that you are wrong in order to get the solution to the problem. But if the is no endurance in that marriage you will see that the level of argument and fight will increase that might lead to killing by mistake or any other hot tempered actions which may lead to something else.

As a man you have to endure and as a woman you have to endure, no one is excluded. There are some certain situations that need to apply wisdom when tackling and such situations can only have the automatic solution if there is endurance.


  1. Forgiveness.

In marriage, it is required if both the husband and the wife to have the spirit of forgiveness in them, so as to maintain the life and peace in that marriage for a better lasting. It was said that “to ere is human and to forgive is divine”, which is to say that human beings are not perfect , sometimes things may go wrong and as a partner who love themselves, you shouldn’t allow wickedness of the heart to ruin your marriage.

You should forgive yourselves even if it’s hard. Forgiveness can give you new love, new hope, peace of mind, concentration and other things in your marriage, so make forgiveness the key factor of your home in other to last long in your marriage.

For there are thousands of people who are there waiting for you to come out from your marriage so that they can enter and rule, so be wise. “Secrets to a long marriage”


  1. Learn how to say am sorry.

This issue is a major problem that is causing problems and scandals in so many homes right now. But it’s not supposed to be so, there is nothing wrong in telling your spouse that you are sorry for what you did or did not do. Do don’t claim right instead apologize and clear yourself later so that he or she will return the sorry to you with love and peace will reign.

Do not be hard hearted, in marriage you have to be soft when it comes to your spouse, because he or she is supposed to be your number one priority in your life. No one is supposed to be saying sorry, anybody can say sorry in marriage for the word ‘sorry’ can go a long way in your hearts. And again do not be too hard to accept apology especially the one from your spouse.


  1. Do not use his/ her weakness against him/her.

This issue is very important and it is causing a lot of damages to so many homes. You avoid using your husband’s or your wife’s weaknesses on them. Instead help him or her to amend and control it together with each other for a lasting marriage.

Do not be stupid or selfish when it comes to her weakness. Make her understand that you are there for her or that you are there for him. Two good heads they say are better than one. So work together with her and mend such things that are not right, same thing is applicable to him too. “Secrets to a long marriage”


  1. Make your family your number one priority.

Before anything at all in your life, you should first consider your wife and children first they are your family and the people you are hustling for. You should make them your number one priority and I bet you, if you are doing that you will see that they will have no reason for not loving you.

Same thing is applicable to you the wife, you should make your family your number one priority, your husband, kids and you will see how love and peace of mind will rule in your home for everlasting. Give them your maximum attention and concern that you can give.

A little time spent with them is more important than dropping those 1 million in for wardrobe. When both parents join hands in training the children, you will see that both of you will make a perfect parents care to your children.



Long marriage have to do with, so many things like, endurance, care, understanding, intimacy and other things listed above, so we believe that you are able to grab what we narrated to you all, and you can now know how to live your lives in your different homes for a perfect lasting marriage. Drop your comments if you have any.


“Secrets to a long marriage”

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