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Are you looking for a fun-filled online casino site bursting with excellent customer features and generous bonuses? If so, look no further, as Chumba Casino offers everything a player desires. Referred to as the top online social casino experience across the country, we can certainly see why. Players strongly rate Chumba Casino for its excellent features, such as a vast game library with over 100 slots, mobile compatibility for users who prefer to play on the go, and a superb customer service experience. 

The popularity of this top online social US casino has grown in recent years, and our experts recommend new users to get stuck in today! Keep reading to learn more about Chumba Casino, its customer qualities, and how to create an account. 


18+ Please Gamble Responsibly. T&Cs Apply.

Expert Review – Chumba Casino 

As part of the trusted VGW Group family, Chumba Casino has solid foundations, which certainly translates to its customer features and user experience. New or experienced customers looking for a fun-filled experience or playing for top prizes will find something suited to them at Chumba Casino. Chumba Casino is a social casino that does not offer real money play; instead, virtual currencies known as Chumba gold coins and sweep coins are used to access free casino-style games and redeem fantastic prizes. Being a social casino, players will enjoy a low-risk experience and have arguably more fun. Some of the standout customer features our experts enjoy include the comprehensive range of casino-style games. Players can choose from over 100 high-quality slot titles, including popular slots like Dancing Gold or Stallion Grand. These games come with a special feature known as Fireshot Inferno, where users can pick up double prizes when playing with sweep coins; brilliant, right? If slots are not for you, players can enjoy a selection of Blackjack, Video Poker, and Roulette. 

Chumba CasinoChumba Casino

A factor contributing to the exemplary user experience at Chumba Casino is the top software behind the site. Leading developers, including Red Tiger Gaming and Playtech, ensure high-quality graphics, fast loading speeds, and a brilliant selection of games. Additionally, there is no better feeling than being rewarded while playing at a top online social casino site. Thankfully, Chumba Casino has a great selection of generous bonuses for new and existing customers. Some popular Chumba free play bonuses and offers include welcome offers, free coins, and deposit bonuses. All bonuses are straightforward to claim and come with prizes like gift vouchers and real cash. Create an account with Chumba Casino today to relish its brilliant features. 

Chumba Casino Promo Code

When creating an account with Chumba Casino and claiming any of its spectacular customer bonuses, players are not required to enter a promo or bonus code. This makes the signing-up process extremely simple for users. In order to claim one of the generous customer promotions at Chumba Casino, players must simply create a Chumba account and follow any bonus requirements. 

How Did Chumba Casino Rank Against Our Key Criteria 

When recommending the best social casino sites to our readers, our experts refer to our strict criteria, ensuring each site provides a top user experience. Chumba Casino did well against each criterion and deserves its place on our list of top casinos. Keep reading to discover what qualities to look for in your following site. 

Strength of Reputation and Trustworthiness

Expert Rating: Strong

Chumba Casino is a well-loved social casino site within the gambling industry and therefore has earnt itself an extremely strong reputation amongst casino players and other brands. This is accredited to the excellent customer features available at the site, including a comprehensive game library, top customer support service, and an exemplary user experience. Additionally, based on customer reviews, our experts can confirm users can put their trust in this site and look forward to a top gaming experience. 

Security and Safety

Expert Rating: Strong

One of the most important criteria our experts look for in a site is the safety and security measures to protect users. Firstly, Chumba Casino online has received valid licensing and certification from the Malta Gaming Authority, proving it has met all requirements to be a legitimate site. Due to their nature, social casinos do not technically need licensing, therefore, this is an extra layer of security for players. Additionally, the site adopts SSL data encryption technology, ensuring all user data and information is protected. 

User Experience

Expert Rating: Excellent

The first impressions of a site matter to casino players and can determine whether they return or not. Fortunately, Chumba Casino offers an exemplary user experience thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface meaning users can find what they are looking for in no time. Additionally, with top software developers behind the site, users can expect high-quality graphics and an excellent game selection. If users prefer to play on the go, they are in luck, as Chumba offers a fully mobile-compatible site.  

Real Customer Reviews

Expert Rating: Good

The best method for finding unfiltered and honest Chumba reviews is through customer opinions. These are players that have experience Chumba Casino and its features firsthand. Fortunately, the overall verdict was good, with mainly positive reviews of this excellent site. Regardless of whether a site is the best in the business, there will always be a mix of positive and negative reviews, with some customers not fully understanding social casinos and its workings.  

Variety of Games Available 

Expert Rating: Strong

Chumba Casino excels in its game selection, impressing users and our experts with its comprehensive library of high-quality and popular titles. Players can choose from over 100 slots and other variations, including Roulette and Blackjack. There is undoubtedly a game suited to every player at Chumba Casino. Additionally, all titles on the site are developed by the top game providers in the industry, including Playtech and NetEnt ensuring high-quality graphics and fast loading speeds. 

Customer Support Options

Expert Rating: Good

Whether you are a new or existing casino player, you will come across a query at some point in your gaming career. Therefore, an adequate customer support service must be in place to aid users. Fortunately, our experts were pleased with the customer support at Chumba Casino as it provides speedy and helpful feedback while maintaining a friendly service. Additionally, users can contact the service via email and mail, following simple instructions. 

Free Play and Demo Options 

Expert Rating: Excellent

A popular feature of the Chumba Casino site is the vast option of free play and demo options for users to enjoy. Due to the nature of social casinos, Chumba does not permit real money play, meaning users are not required to spend any money at the site in order to enjoy free casino-style games. Some of the game variety at Chumba Casino includes slots, Roulette and Video Poker. Additionally, players have the option to demo games without the need for staking Chumba gold coins or sweep coins. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Expert Rating: Strong

There is no better feeling that being rewarded while playing at one of the top social casinos. Chumba Casino offers a strong selection of generous customer bonuses that are simple to claim and provide awesome rewards. The high-caliber bonuses for new and existing customers at Chumba Casino include welcome offers, deposit bonuses, and free coins. Welcome promotions are a popular bonus as they are an excellent way for new players to kick-start their casino experience. Players can potentially earn awesome prizes from Chumba bonuses, including real cash and gift vouchers. 

Speed of Payout

Expert Rating: Good

Our experts gave the Chumba Casino payout speed a good rating as it is adequate but could be improved. The success rate of withdrawals at Chumba Casino is high, meaning all withdrawals will be processed correctly and efficiently. However, payout times can be slow at Chumba Casino, as withdrawals may take a few days to process. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Expert Rating: Good

Players will be pleased to find a good selection of reliable and high-quality payment options for completing payments and withdrawals at Chumba Casino. Some methods available are Visa, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Trustly, all with simple transaction processes. Due to Chumba Casino being a social casino site, players are not required to make payments, however, they can purchase coin packages if they wish to. Using these reliable methods will ensure instant transaction speeds and no extra fees. Withdrawals, however, may take a few days to process. 


Expert Rating: Good

When assessing the accessibility of the Chumba Casino online site, our experts have given it a rating of good. As soon as users enter the site, they are greeted with an easy-to-navigate interface with vibrant imagery and clear graphics, meaning users can find exactly what they are looking for in no time. Additionally, users who prefer to play on the go can access the Chumba Casino mobile site for a convenient gaming experience. Its good rating is because it’s only available in a few countries. 

Mobile Compatability

Expert Rating: Strong

Players who prefer to enjoy their favorite casino-style games and bonuses on the go are in luck as Chumba Casino provides a solid mobile platform via the fully compatible mobile site. Players can access the mobile site on iOS and Android devices through the mobile browser, allowing users to access the fantastic Chumba Casino site anytime, anywhere. Players can expect a seamless gaming experience from the mobile site with high-quality customer features matching those on the desktop platform. There is currently no Chumba Casino app, however, players will be fully satisfied with the mobile site. 

How to Sign Up to Chumba Casino 

18+ Please Gamble Responsibly. T&Cs Apply.

Creating an account with Chumba Casino is extremely simple and can be completed within a few minutes. Players must ensure they are following all requirements and are aged 18 or over to be eligible for a Chumba Casino account. Follow the guide below to get started. 

  1. Players must begin by accessing the Chumba Casino site via the link provided above
  2. Once players are on the Chumba homepage, they must select ‘Create an Account’ to begin registration 
  3. Players must now enter all required information, including full name, address, and login details 
  4. All Chumba Casino terms and conditions must be read and accepted to proceed
  5. To activate their Chumba account, users will be sent a link via email which players must select
  6. Once all requirements have been met, players can now enjoy the Chumba Casino site and its excellent features

What is a Sweepstake Casino? 

Some casino players may need clarification on social and sweepstake casinos; our experts are here to describe each further. Social and sweepstake casinos are often used in conjunction with each other as they are incredibly similar. Both do not offer real money play and allow users to access awesome casino-style games for free. Since sweepstake casinos do not offer real money play, virtual currencies are used, known as gold and sweep coins. These coins can be used to access free games and redeem prizes, including real cash and gift vouchers. The main difference between the two casinos is the coins used. At a social casino, it is purely about fun, meaning users just utilize gold coins to access free games. These carry no monetary value. 

On the other hand, sweepstake casinos allow users to win prizes and purchase sweep coins. Sweep coins are used to redeem rewards at Sweepstake Casinos. There are several benefits to playing at a Sweepstake Casino like Chumba Casino, including being suited to new casino players as they are more low-risk compared to traditional online casinos. Additionally, social casinos are widely legal in the US in 49 states due to the nature of social casinos, and the minimum gambling age is 18. 

Chumba Casino Pros and Cons


  • Fantastic selection of over 100 slots
  • Friendly and efficient customer support service
  • Players can access Chumba Casino in 49 US states
  • Multi-channel gaming experience on desktop and mobile
  • Valid licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority


  • Live chat support is not available
  • Does not accept PayPal payment method 

Chumba Casino on Mobile

Chumba Casino is highly rated by players for its fully optimized mobile platform, allowing users to play on the go, anytime and anywhere. Mobile gaming is prevalent in the online casino industry, with players converting to mobile devices for a convenient gaming experience. Chumba Casino certainly caters to this demand, and users can access the mobile-compatible site via their mobile devices browser on iOS and Android devices. There is currently no Chumba Casino app, however, players will find all they need at the mobile site. 

The Chumba mobile site offers the same high caliber of customer features, including a vast game library and generous customer promotions that can be found on the desktop platform. Thanks to the top software behind the mobile site, users can expect fast loading speeds and great functionality. 

Chumba Casino MobileChumba Casino Mobile

Chumba Casino Features

Chumba Casino is one of the top sweepstake casinos in the industry and flaunts several features that attract customers. Due to its nature, the features at this sweepstake casino will differ from those found at a regular online casino. To find out more about the excellent Chumba Casino features, keep reading. 

Casino Games

One of the top features of Chumba Casino is its comprehensive game library full of high-quality titles. Players can choose from over 100 slots and other varieties, including Roulette and Video Poker. Additionally, all games are developed by top providers such as Red Tiger Gaming and NetEnt, guaranteeing top-notch graphics and fast loading speeds. Players can enjoy these titles for free, using gold coins to access them. Players are not required to pay to play compared to traditional online casinos. 

Stampede Fury Review

With so many fantastic games available at Chumba Casino, it can be hard to choose one. Our experts particularly favored the Stampede Fury slot machine, which will surely bring some excitement to a user’s gaming experience. Stampede Fury is one of the leading land-based slots and has gained popularity at social casinos, including Chumba. Stampede Fury is based on the beautiful and powerful Buffalo and is played over five reels with a fantastic 243 ways to win! An excellent feature of this game is the Fireshot jackpot feature, where players can earn a massive jackpot of 100,000 social casino coins and extra bonuses. 

Gold Coins and Sweep Coins

Due to the nature of social casinos like Chumba Casino, real money play is not offered, so virtual currencies known as Chumba gold coins and sweep coins are used to access free casino-style games and redeem prizes. Players are not required to wager any money at Chumba Casino, however, they can purchase coin packages if they wish. Gold coins carry no monetary value and can be used to access free games. These can either be won or purchased at Chumba Casino. Sweep coins can only be won and are used to access free casino-style games and redeem top prizes like real cash and gift vouchers. 

Promotions and Packages

As well as generous customer bonuses, including welcome and deposit bonuses, players can enjoy awesome coin offers and packages when purchasing gold coins. In order to access these coin promotions and packages, users must visit the Chumba Casino coin store and select the payment method they wish to use. Players can choose from many coin packages; some come with free sweep coins. Additionally, Chumba Casino customer promotions often give out free social casino coins. An example of a gold coin package is 1,000,000 gold coins and 5.05 free sweep coins for $5.

Purchasing Options 

Due to Chumba online casino being a sweepstake casino, the payments will differ from those at regular casinos due to the lack of real money play. Players do not have to wager to access free casino-style games, however, if they wish to, users can purchase coin packages. To do so, Chumba Casino offers a great selection of reliable payment options. These include Mastercard, Skrill, Trustly, and Bank Transfer. The transaction speeds for all methods are instant, however, when it comes to redeeming prizes and payouts, this can take a few days.

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Is Chumba Casino Legal for US Players

Players looking to create an account with the fantastic Chumba social casino can rest assured that the site is entirely legal across most of the US and is an excellent option for those looking for a fun-filled and low-risk casino experience. Since Chumba Casino does not offer real money play, it is not technically considered a real casino. This makes it widely legal across the US deposit Washington and Idaho. This is largely accessible in comparison to traditional online casinos. Additionally, the minimum gambling age is 18 at Chumba online casino, which is much lower than normal casinos. 

Due to its nature, social casinos do not need licensing, however, Chumba Casino provides an extra layer of security for players, with valid licensing and certification from the Malta Gaming Authority.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I trust Chumba Casino?

Players can rest assured that Chumba Casino is an extremely trustworthy site, with valid licensing from the MGA and SSL data encryption technology, all users and their data are protected at the site. 

Does Chumba Casino pay real money?

Players can look forward to earning real cash from Chumba Casino and gift vouchers. To redeem real money from Chumba Casino, players must use sweep coins to do so. 

Can anyone register at Chumba Casino?

All players are welcome at Chumba online casino, ensuring they are 18 or over and have met all requirements to be eligible for a Chumba Casino account. Additionally, users should ensure they are located in a state where social casinos are legal. This is all US states, excluding Washington and Idaho and Nevada.

Is Chumba Casino legit?

Chumba Casino is an entirely legitimate site providing a secure, high-quality gaming experience. The site adheres to US sweepstake laws meaning it can legally operate and has valid licensing from the MGA.

What is the Chumba Casino promo code?

No Chumba Casino promo code is required to create an account or claim any of the generous customer promotions. This makes all processes extremely simple for players. To claim Chumba bonuses, players must create an account and complete all requirements. 

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