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Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? & Sure Reasons

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Why do I find older men attractive? This is the question that many younger girls ask themselves when they notice their eyes lingering on the silver-fox-haired man.

Because society indirectly dictates that we should date people of our age, it’s a valid question.

There are many reasons why you might be attracted to older men. For example, you may have daddy issues or want financial security. Older men are also more likely to commit to a relationship.

There is a stigma associated with younger women dating older men. This is why shop assistants might say something like, “Well, I’m sure you won’t mind.”

The truth is that you cannot allow society to dictate your life or you will never be happy. Don’t listen to the haters, and be open to dating anyone you like.

Here are ten reasons you might be attracted to older men.

Is it normal to be attracted to older men?

It’s okay for younger women to be judged, criticized, and even ridiculed for choosing older men.

It was the Victorian era many years ago. Men married younger women.

Research shows that women who are pregnant seek out men eight to ten years old than they are because they think they will be more able to settle down and provide for their families.

It is only because society has flawed perceptions of women who date older men that women become paranoid. Even if you are in a loving, mutually respectful relationship with your man, some women are labelled as golddiggers. They are just there for the money.

Perverts are often attributed to older men, but it seems that there is a double standard for celebrities. With their 17-year age gap, no one cares about the George Clooney and Amal Clooney of this world.

The average Joe gets all the credit, and they’re often commended for it. Don’t fret about older men’s preferences, stop worrying about what others have to say and just go out with the people you like. Life is too short.

Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? & Sure Reasons

Ten Reasons Older Men Are Attractive to You

Although older men are often very attractive, there are many other reasons you may be attracted to them.

If you have daddy problems, financial security is important to you. This will make it more likely that you and your partner can work together. Continue reading to learn more about why older men are attracted to you.

1. There are Daddy issues

Sigmund Freud first highlighted this when he talked about it.

He divided it into two categories: the ‘Oedipus and the ’Electra complex. This is when a young boy fights for his mother’s attention.

The Electra Complex is when young girls fight for the attention of their fathers. Both theories suggest that both complexes begin at three years old and should end by five.

These complexes can lead to problems in adult relationships if they go unnoticed or if there is not enough psychological intervention. One consequence is that older men are more attractive to women than their father-daughter relationships.

2. Financial Security is what you want

You are more likely to find financial security with older men if you’re looking for a partner.

Perhaps you’ve had too many relationships with men your age who couldn’t afford a trip to McDonald’s or care for a family.

Women seek out financially secure men to buy the latest Gucci sandals, but also because they know they will be able to take care of their family once they settle down.

Younger men are more aware of their roles in society and are prepared to help others. This means that they won’t settle down until they have financial stability.

3. They are more likely to work on the relationship.

Love isn’t a feeling. They understand that the feelings of excitement at the start of a relationship do not last. The chemistry fades and most people end a relationship when that happens.

An older man will have likely experienced this and knows that love is not about feelings. They are ready to cultivate and nurture the relationship.

Love is like that; it takes pressure and resistance to grow. Conflict is a common part of a relationship; it’s what you can overcome that will strengthen your relationship.

4. They are experienced

Older men have a lot of experience in all areas of life. They’ve been there, done it, and still wear the t-shirt. They have travelled extensively and can appreciate the diversity of cultures.

They have been in enough relationships to know which ones work and which don’t. Older men know that life isn’t always easy and things don’t always go as planned.

Their maturity makes it easy to build a lasting relationship with them.

5. They don’t play games

There’s no need to worry about older men playing games with you. You know the way it goes when you’re in a relationship with a hot young man who has probably 25 other options.

You play the “how long should I wait before I send him back” game. Who will call first? How many times can you text too many times throughout the day?

I will ignore him for a few days to see if he chases after me. Older men don’t have the time.

They know the rules and when women are playing them. They understand that time is precious and have lived the majority of their lives.

They will tell a woman if they like her.

Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? & Sure Reasons

6. The Silver Fox Look is for you

Some older men are hot, point blank! Denzel Washington, George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

They become more attractive as they age and possess a magnetic quality that makes them irresistible. Silver fox is a rare breed of Fox. They have silver hair and are smart, athletic, and attractive.

This is a great description of George Clooney. A Match.com survey also found that 72% of women like grey-haired men.

They explained that grey hair was an indicator of strength and maturity.

7. They are more respectful

Most of the time, you won’t find an older man bragging with his friends about his sexual adventures. This is because younger men want to be admired by their friends.

Once they have slept with your partner, they are on the group chat immediately after they return home, bragging about how many times they made you sexually desire them.

This bravado is tiring for older men, so there’s no need to broadcast your intimate moments all over the town.

8. They are great in bed

Yes, older men are more experienced than younger ones and know how to manage the household. They can please their women and they love it.

An older man will not make awkward, awkward bedtime moments. He’s not saying he hasn’t slept with many women, but his sexual skills are a result of years of practice.

He’s had to fail many times during this period, so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Older men can handle constructive criticism.

They’d prefer that you tell them you don’t like certain things in the bedroom. He will appreciate your honesty and not be stifled by it like a younger man.

9. You Are Rebelling Against Your Parents

Are your parents strict and have you been forbidden from dating older men? Do they have strict control over your every move?

You can secretly rebel against your parents by dating someone you know will upset your parents. They’d also ban you forever if they caught you.

Dating older men for the rebellious woman is more about secretly retaliating against your parents.

10. You want to date a man with money

You are more likely to enjoy the finer things of life than a man your age. Younger men are attracted to attractive young women, and older single men love to be with them.

They often take their lover on vacation to expensive restaurants and buy her expensive gifts.

You want a sugar daddy relationship in which you have a common understanding of how things work and are comfortable with it.

Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? & Sure Reasons

What does it mean if you like older men?

This means that you are attracted to older men. It is not sinister to like older men, contrary to popular belief.

Women who have an older partner don’t count the days until the funeral when they can get their money.

As with any person in a relationship of similar age with another person, they are with their partner because they are attracted, have a great personality and enjoy being with him.

However, if you have been mistreated by younger men, you may find that you are attracted to older men because you have learned from experience that older men are more mature and willing to settle down.

How can you attract older men?

Attracting older men to your home is not rocket science. As with all men, you are already ten steps ahead if you are attractive. We also know that attracting his attention and keeping it are two different things.

You can do many things to keep him interested, such as looking good, not acting your age and not playing games.

Research shows that men are drawn to beauty. This doesn’t mean that you have to look like a model on the catwalk, but it does suggest that you should try to look better.

Make sure your hair is in place and highlight your best features.

These are some tips to make you more attractive.

1. Wear red

According to research red can instantly make you more attractive as it triggers a man’s primal nature.

2. Accentuate your hips

Shakira sang that “the hips don’t lie!” Men love to see a woman with a pair of hips, so make sure you wear figure-hugging clothes to highlight your hips.

3. Fix your posture

Are you a sloucher? Good posture is a sign that you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Straighten your spine by extending your shoulders and lifting your chin.

4. Be intentional about smiling

Although smiling more does not mean that you have to smile more, it can make you more attractive.

Dr Jess Carbino says that smiling can help people lower their defences. Smile when you see someone smile; it stimulates the release of endorphins, which are feel-good hormones.

You should smile more when you are with older men. They’re more likely than you to approach them.

Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? & Sure Reasons

5. Open Body Language

Our body language communicates more than our spoken words.

Although you can usually control your words, body language is an unconscious response that you use to communicate your thoughts.

Open body language can do two things. It makes you more confident and approachable. Standing with your arms crossed in front of your face creates a barrier between you and the person you want to approach.

Crossing your legs while sitting can be seen as defensive and aggressive. It signals that you don’t care about what they have to say and you need to hurry up.

Open body languages, such as extended eye contact and longer eye contact, indicates that someone is interested in the things they have to say.

To show that you are at ease in your surroundings, tilt your head to one side and expose the neck.

6. Do not act your age

I don’t think you should change your identity. It would make it difficult to be comfortable in your relationship.

You shouldn’t place older men in the same group as your female friends. Don’t act drunken on a night out. If you are with an older man, be gentle and let him take the lead.

Sometimes it is appropriate to be wild, but only if the person is giving off these vibes. They are generally more reserved. Also, listen more than you talk.

Most people cannot listen. Do you find yourself interrupting conversations and not completing their sentences? Do not do that when you speak to an older man. It will only make you look old.

7. Do not play games

Older men are not able to spend time playing games and will quickly move on to the next thing if they suspect that you’re playing. He will tell you if he feels he likes your company.

You will know that you are his only and most important. Dating an older man will be a completely different experience than dating a younger one.

Because they are so distracted and high in testosterone, you can almost play games with younger men.

Don’t play games with a silver-fox lover or you will be dropped faster than a potato.

8. Be Confident

Insecure women are generally not liked by men. It’s a huge turnoff for a woman who doesn’t value herself or seeks approval from her husband to feel worth it. Insecure women can be off-putting for many reasons.

  1. This puts too much pressure upon the man to continue giving her compliments to feel secure.
  2. Insecure women can be too emotional and can make a relationship difficult. They are easily upset about everything. If their partner has female friends they will start a fight at the grocery store. Arguments start when their boyfriend goes out with friends.
  3. Men worry that insecure women will seek validation from another man quickly if they don’t feel validated by their partner.

Even if you don’t feel confident, pretend it until it becomes a habit.

9. Do not act like a Golddigger

One of the most stigmatized aspects of women dating older men is that they use them for their money. If this is not the type of relationship that a man wants, he will likely be suspicious of your intentions.

For his peace of mind, he would rather date a woman who has everything in order.

Don’t ask him for money and don’t expect him to buy gifts. You might also consider offering to pay for your trip out now and again.

Also, talk about your job and let him know if you live alone.

10. Ask him for advice

Asking for advice on silly things that you can do yourself is not a way to make him more interested in you.

Ask him when you have important life decisions to take. This will show him that you value and respect his opinion.

It also triggers the Hero’s Intent. According to James Bauer, a relationship expert, men are biologically wired to care for and protect their women. This makes them feel valued and needed.

It’s not easy to strike a balance with men. You can’t be too independent as it can put them off. But you can’t also be too dependent as it can cause them to be distracted.

A woman who is independent and needs his help can make a man happy.

Last Thoughts

Are any of these points true for you? You may need professional help if you feel that you are dating an older man due to daddy issues.

It doesn’t matter what age someone is, dating someone with unresolved childhood trauma can be a bad idea. This can lead to complications that could eventually lead to your relationship falling apart.

Apart from that, be yourself and enjoy your best life.

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