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How To Show A Guy You Love Him
How To Show A Guy You Love Him

There are many ways and things that you can do for your man, as a way to show him that you don’t just love him, but also care about his feelings and happiness too. So if it troubles you about the way you can treat your man and make him realize that you love him, then relax if that is why you visited here today, I will explain in details the things that make men feel loved. After reading, try to read signs he doesn’t love you any more to know if he genuinely loves you. “How To Show A Guy You Love Him”

How To Show A Guy You Love Him

• Give him space.

Being a man’s girlfriend or wife doesn’t mean you will not give him time to think about himself and do things that matters to him or even have time to hang out with his friends. He deserves to be free and not feeling as if he is trapped or in a cage. Give him space and time to go and fun with others too.


• Cook for him.

As his woman, you need to cook for your man. It is said that food is easy the way to a man’s heart. No matter how little the man eats, try to cook for him at times, especially his favorite food. Cooking that food he loves most will not just make him know that you love him but will also make him happy.

“How To Show A Guy You Love Him”

• Understand and give him your attention.

Try to understand your man and give him all your attention. Doing so will make you know him and the things that he loves most and values. Without you knowing about those things, there is no way you can make him happy. And without you giving him your time and attention to understand him, there is no way you can that know those things he loves and hate.


• Buy him gifts.

Don’t think that a man does not love or value gifts. Men love and appreciate gifts just as women do. No matter how small the present is, even if it is those things he can’t easily buy, like toothbrushes, boxers, and some other personal items that you know, he can’t easily remember to buy. Those things will make you to always be in his mind each time he uses them.


• Advice him and help him in trouble times.

Try to advise your man when he needs your help. If you are the type that behaves as if you know nothing about him or any of his problems, it’s his own and not yours. Then be prepared to lose him to any other girl that will do so to him. I believe you don’t want anything like that to happen to you. So learn to advise him and take his problems as your own too and help out in any way that you can.

“How To Show A Guy You Love Him”

• Love his friends and family.

Don’t say you love a man when you don’t like and respect people around him. People who have been with him since the beginning, before he even meets you, don’t do such a thing. Instead, love and care more about the people around him. Doing so will make them always ask him about you and talk good about you. As you are doing this, it is also making the man happy and will love you more.


• Listen to him.

Suppose you are the type of woman that never listens to his man but does things just the way you like. I want you to stop it. Doing so makes a man feel as if he is nothing, and it makes him feel as if you never respect him. So for you to get things right, listen to him first and then give him your reasons later, especially if he gets angry telling you something.

“How To Show A Guy You Love Him”

• Don’t insult him.

Never you in any way try to insult your man because of one issue or the other. No matter what happens, try to respect him, and don’t use the opportunity as a time to insult him. If you are doing so to your man, I assure you that you may lose him.


• Don’t take others for granted.

Many girls make the mistake of taking people for granted and treating people anyhow in the presence of their man, thinking that it’s nothing. It is never good because you are the one to calm and make him value people and treat others well. But if you are now doing so, that is a huge mistake, because if a girl with a good mind, should do that for you, what do you think that will happen. Think about it and understand exactly what I am saying.


• Take him out on a date.

Do you have this mindset that only guys take a lady out on a date? If you have such a mentality or thought on your mind, please decline it. If you can take him out on a date, do it. It makes a man happy, and he will surely talk about you with friends. He will understand that you don’t just love him, but also value your relationship with him. So please do it and others, if you can, for you to make your man happy.

“How To Show A Guy You Love Him”

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