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If you have ever taken on the challenge of a DIY car repair, you know you always get more than you bargained for. My dad used to joke that when estimating how much time an auto repair will take, give it your best guess and then double that number. There always seems to be something that comes up to frustrate your endeavors. 

One such frustration is stubborn, stuck bolts. Encountering bolts that refuse to budge is common, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. And things can seem hopeless when you don’t have the right tools available. 

But one resourceful auto mechanic has shared his hands-on hack that may seem a little strange, but there’s no denying its effectiveness. He demonstrates that sometimes, all you need is your bare hands to get those obstinate bolts to yield. 

Dealing With Stuck Bolts in Auto Repair

These unyielding fasteners can turn routine repairs into time-consuming struggles, whether due to rust, corrosion, or overtightening. In such moments, having the perfect tool or wrench on hand might not always be the case, and that’s where ingenuity takes center stage.

This mechanic loosens his stuck bolts using nothing but his hands, and here’s how he does it:

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All you need is a regular wrench that fits the stuck bolt. Start by attaching the wrench to the stuck bolt and ensure it fits snugly and securely. Then, form a fist with one of your hands. This hand will serve as the “hammer” in this hands-on approach.

Hold the wrench securely attached to the bolt firmly with your other hand. Use the fist you’ve formed to strike the hand holding the wrench. The force generated by this impact will transfer to the wrench and, in turn, to the stuck bolt.

Continue striking the wrench in a controlled manner while maintaining pressure on the bolt. The repeated impact and pressure can help break the bond between the bolt and its threads. Once you feel the bolt start to give, use the wrench to turn it counterclockwise. Combining the striking force and turning motion will help loosen the bolt.

The young TikTok mechanic joked that a few years of using this technique will lead to arthritis, so while we don’t recommend using this hack daily, it can get you out of a frustrating situation when you’re in a bind. 

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